A Lightworker’s Guide to a World in Turmoil
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How are you supposed to react when the world is in turmoil?

Following the recent attack on Paris I was inclined to write an article on how mass terror events like this come into manifestation, and then I remembered my favourite Albert Einstein quote:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

When the world is in turmoil our first response is to keep feeding the turmoil. We obsess about the latest dramatic unfolding and the most recent horrifying detail, and don’t realize that by doing so we give power to, and potentially prolong the turmoil.

Just like you, I am horrified and deeply saddened by what happened in Paris, and I have, too, indulged in my ego’s need to stay rooted in fear. But fear doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel empowering. Fear is debilitating. It drains you of your power and leaves you feeling weak and victimised.

Source doesn’t feel debilitating. Source is never drained of Her power. Source never feels weak or victimized. Why would I? Why would I choose to move away from my power and let fear win? Why would I prolong this physical manifestation of fear by letting it take over my life, and the world?

So what must I do? How do I let love win instead?

Here’s my personal, spiritual toolkit to dealing with a world in turmoil:

  1. Get Informed, Not Obsessed: Whenever something dramatic happens on a global scale, I am very thoughtful of how much power I give it. I am aware that by obsessing over the latest dramatic detail I rid myself of my power to truly help. As a result, I stay away from websites and publications that sensationalise fear, and focus my energy on taking positive action steps towards love.
  2. Practise Affirmative Praying: Don’t pray for help, for love, for peace. Affirm help, affirm love, affirm peace. Every negative experience, personal or collective, is fear expressed in physical form. By praying for love, you affirm that you stand in fear in hope for love. Instead, nurture the emotion of love. Find a way within yourself to smother the ego’s darkness and see the light that’s always shining within you, and within our world.
  3. Shield with Love: Once you nurture the emotion of love within you, use it to shield the situation or place in turmoil. Energy flows where focus goes. Therefore, by mentally enveloping a situation in an aura of love, you direct the love you’ve nurtured within you into that situation, and help those who need it nurture it within them.
  4. Meditate on Peace: Your personal state of peace has the power to create world peace. Extensive research has proved that one per cent of the world’s population practicing Maharishi Transcendental Meditation raises the vibration of collective consciousness, and lowers crime rate on a global scale. Therefore, spending peaceful time in meditation is powerful enough to create actual, palpable positive change in the world.

Finally, I would like to leave you with a quote by Abraham-Hicks, which perfectly summarises these four points:

“One in alignment is more powerful than a million who are not.” 

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