A Lightworker’s Guide to GMOs
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What I like the most about revising for an exam is that I get the chance to delve deep into a particular topic, immerse myself in the literature and really get the time to understand, problematize and develop an argument about it. One of the units I’d been revising for in the past two months was Geographies of Food, which despite my initial reservations for, proved to be life-changing. During revision I figured it would be best to focus on topics I’d always been interested in but had never found the time to properly research before. As a result, I devoured articles and book chapters on organic products and animal farming as well as watched countless documentaries on the politics, branding and marketing of food and in particular, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOS).

The controversy surrounding GMOs in particular shocked me out of an illusory bubble I had purposely held myself in for years. Although I had been familiar with the basics of GMOs and the health concerns surrounding them I’d never bothered to learn much about the subject in the past. Suddenly, I was thrown into a world of controversy, corruption and activism against GMO products and the companies that produce them. It didn’t take me long to realize that GMOs were an outcome of corporate greed that, combined with governmental corruption, led to the emergence of an international monopoly aiming to patent life and destroy biodiversity with the pretext of “feeding the world.”

Being the naturally positive spiritual junkie that I am I’ve always believed that the longer you focus on a problem the more it persists. Therefore, I knew that if I kept reading about all the sneaky ways greed has managed to infiltrate our lives I would only add to the fear that created it in the first place. Yet, I couldn’t simply un-know the information I had been exposed to, and a little voice within told me that I had attracted this information at this point in my life for a reason. I was certain that something good would come out of this, so I started searching for ways to shift my perception about the subject in a way that would provide me with relief.

After days of meditation and thinking I was hit by the realization I was looking for:

  • Expansion is a natural part of life. I believe that we came into this physical time-space reality to create more of life, therefore, expand human consciousness and all-that-is. In this respect, genetic engineering is simply a technological advancement that contributes to this expansion and not the problem itself. The problem lies in the destructive way through which this technology is currently being used to produce GMOs. Realizing this helped me release all the resentment I had been feeling, allowing me to disassociate from the momentum of fear and negativity that sustains the negative direction of this technology.
  • Focus on the solution. Our thoughts, emotions and actions can unequivocally shift collective consciousness. Orme-Johnson et al’s research on transcedental meditation in 1988 suggested that it only takes the square root of 1% of the world’s population to change any present or future event; therefore, every single one of us has the power to bring positive change. As a result, I decided to focus on the positive desire that emerged from exposing myself to GMOs, which involves teaching about the importance of biodiversity, talking about the life-giving qualities of organic foodstuffs as well as sharing the incredible changes I’ve experienced as a result of adjusting my diet to include organic products.
  • Positive Activism. Doreen Virtue argues that “we are Lightworkers, not Lightresters,” urging us to take action towards our desires. Whereas action is an imperative step to change, it is important to understand that there is a thin line between campaigning for what we want and falling in the trap of fighting against what we don’t want. The Law of Attraction states that you get what you give, suggesting how the emotions we extent out into the world are magnetic, and they will attract similar-feeling experiences. Therefore, it’s crucial that before you sign a petition against GMOs, attend a march, write a blog post or have a conversation about the subject, you have a positive-feeling perspective that will contribute to the attraction of the solution and not the problem.

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