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Intuitive Tarot Interpretation | Numinous Tarot Guide
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I’ve always loved tarot cards. I got my first deck (the Victorian Romantic Tarot) when I was 17 years old and I immediately became obsessed with it.

I’d casually take it with me at school and give readings to my classmates and teachers during school-breaks (that’s where I started my career! 🤣)

What I loved most about tarot cards versus oracle cards, was that they provided a framework for navigating different circumstances within the main life areas. They allowed me to deepen my intuitive insights right from the get-go, and helped me understand myself and others in an equally deep way.

Eventually, as I developed my intuitive skills further, I stopped depending on tarot cards for my psychic readings, but I still draw a card per day for self-reflection.

Do you pick a card per day, too? Many people do that, and I think it’s a wonderful practice for going within and checking in with ourselves.

In The Numinous Tarot Guide, Rashunda Tramble shares ways of using tarot in a self-reflective way, through meditation ad journaling, to both deepen our connection with the cards and navigate life.

I think it’s a different and powerful way of using tarot cards, that goes beyond just interpreting the symbolism by inviting us to see ourselves through the cards.  

Specifically, in this interview you’ll learn:

  • The meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana cards
  • How to read tarot intuitively while sticking to the original meanings
  • Ways of using tarot as a self-reflection tool
  • How to combine tarot decks in a reading

Click here to watch the full interview and learn a new way of interpreting tarot cards. 

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