How to Release Anger in a Healthy Way
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Have you ever felt guilty for feeling negative emotions?

I know I have – this is very common with spiritual people.

A lot of the spiritual literature over the past few decades has been about nurturing positivity. Whereas there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s unfortunately created a spiritual culture that looks down upon the so-called “negative” emotions.

In truth, there are no negative emotions; there simply are emotions. In my opinion, all emotions are equally valuable for the human experience.

Do you agree with me?

You see, every single emotion we have is here to teach us something. Yes, the high-vibe emotions of love and joy are at the frequency of our Spirit and our soul, but if we were meant to solely vibrate at that high frequency then we wouldn’t have come into this physical world.

Conversely, we’ve come here so we can experience the totality of emotions, learn lessons from them, and then transmute them to more positive ones. It comes with the territory of being human and, I don’t know about you, but I like it this way.

In episode 92 of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast we talk about the emotion of anger – what it means, what it’s here to teach us, and how we can utilize it to follow our life purpose.

If you’ve ever felt guilty about feeling angry, come over here to watch the author of ‘Sacred Anger’ Seryna Myers and I chat about the power of anger. 

Seryna is one of my book mentoring clients, and I’m proud to have guided her to write and publish this book.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What makes anger sacred?
  • Why people are afraid to talk about anger.
  • How to tell what’s behind your anger.
  • Practical tools to express anger in a healthy way.

Watch the episode to understand and learn to express your anger in a healthy way.


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