How to De-Manifest Something From Your Life
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Nobody enjoys negative experiences. It is our collective human desire to create a happy, fulfilling life. The reason behind this desire has to do with what we’re made of.

Have you ever seen a depressed baby? Have you ever seen a baby that stands in front of the mirror and wonders, “Are my thighs too fat?”, “Is my nose too big?”

Don’t think too hard. You haven’t.

<strong>What You’re Made Of</strong>

This is because we’re literally born into love and happiness. Little babies emanate love and happiness because this is where they came from; this is where we all came from. Therefore, a loving, happy and fulfilling life is what we’ve always known, and it is what we yearn to return to.

Yet, most of us aren’t living that inherent loveliness we were born into. Something went wrong in between our baby and adult years that screwed things up…

Our parents. Society. The school system. They’ve indoctrinated us with ideas about the right way to do things, and finding the right formula for success – stereotypical, one-size-fits-all rules which we eventually gave into and lost our connection to Divine Guidance which can provide us with our own, personalised formula for success.

As a result, we ended up manifesting a bunch of negative stuff, people, and experiences that don’t resonate with who we are, make our life harder, and prevent us from experiencing the fulfilling life we always knew we were meant to live.

How do we de-manifest all this stuff? We can’t.
<blockquote><strong>The only way to de-manifest something bad is to manifest something good.</strong></blockquote>
How do you do that? You start telling a different story.

<strong>Manifestation 101</strong>

You get what you give. Always. That means that the emotions you give out attract to you people, experiences and opportunities that match them. Emotions are created by thoughts, therefore, by changing your thoughts, you change your emotions, and you start manifesting a different life.

However, you can’t go from living a negative life to living a fulfilling life in a day, or week. This is because you’ve practiced negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions for years, and you’ve built a powerful negative momentum of attraction. To shift this around, you have to start building a new, positive momentum of attraction.

The easiest way to do that is by choosing a single positive practice and committing to it for at least 40 days (this is the time required to start a new momentum of attraction). Starting with a single positive activity rather than a full-blown, lengthy spiritual practice is important, as this prevents overwhelm and makes the transition to a happier life more effortless.

In no longer than 40 days you’ll witness the negative stuff you wanted to de-manifest melting out of your life, as your time starts filling in with new, positive stuff that match your newly acquired state of being.

<strong>Take Action Now</strong>

What is ONE activity that you can do on a daily basis to embody love and happiness?

This could be journaling, meditation, praying, writing a gratitude list, dancing, singing, going for a nature walk, doing yoga, or anything that makes you happy.

Have a think about it and commit to it by sharing it with me in the comments below.

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