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How would you define happiness? 

Is it an emotion you can conjure up at will? Is it something you experience from external circumstances? Is it something you can purchase? Or, is it a deeper essence of who you are; something that can’t really be defined? 

We have so many words to describe the emotion of being happy; but, do all these mean the same thing? Do they all truly define happiness?

What is happiness? 

Is it the pleasure you feel when you take the first sip of your morning coffee?

Is it the excitement you get when you unwrap a new gift?

Is it the high you get during meditation? 

Personally, I define spirituality as the journey to being happy, and our spiritual practice as a practice of happiness. But, which of these types of happy do I mean? 

In the new episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, I invited bestselling author of Joy Seeker Shannon Kaiser to demystify happiness and put answers to these questions. 

Specifically, in this episode you’ll learn: 

  1. Why do we put so much focus on finding happiness outside of ourselves?
  2. What’s the difference between pleasure and happiness?
  3. How can we begin to be happy in the present moment, without external stimuli?
  4. Shannon Kaiser’s top practices to being happier

Watch the interview to learn Shannon’s top practices to being happier. 

You can also listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and TuneIn.

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