How to Access Akashic Records
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Picture a metaphysical library with your entire soul’s journey, that you can access to amplify your intuition, learn about your purpose, and manifest your soul’s desires.

The good news is that this energetic library exists and you have what it takes to access it. The better news is that in this week’s podcast episode, you’ll learn how to do so!

The Akashic Records is an energetic space that holds the totality of collective consciousness. When we learn to access it, we can use it to develop on our spiritual path and leverage its knowledge to create change in our lives, and in the world.

Although there are many teachers who offer guidance and practice in doing so, I’ve never met anyone quite like Ashley Wood!

In her book, The Line: A New Way of Living with the Wisdom of Your Akashic Records Ashley introduces a revolutionary way of accessing the akashic records. Channelling a spiritual group of beings known as The Pinnacle, she guides readers to create a direct line to their akashic records.

Specifically, in this interview you’ll learn:

  • Simple breath and movement practices for activating your Line and connecting with your own Akashic Records
  • How to turn on your intuition so you can receive, understand, and trust your messages―and then find the courage to act on them
  • Guidance for managing your emotions and healing your wounds so you can commit to your soul’s growth and evolution
  • Techniques for making multidimensional connections across your soul’s experiences in this life and beyond
  • A wealth of exercises and journaling prompts to help you identify and align with your authentic gifts and purpose

Click here to watch the episode to learn practices of entering the akashic records. 

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