Moon Manifestation: How Moonlight Can Help You Manifest Your Desires
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How do you experience the full moon?

If you’re like most people the moon makes you feel overwhelmed with emotion. You get crankier that usual, snap at your friends and family, and generally, things don’t go that well.

During the summer of 2013 I dove deep into my study of faeries – the spirits and consciousness of nature. As a result, I travelled all around Cyprus interviewing various aspects of nature. I had chats with rivers, flowers, trees, and the sea, learning their secrets and working with their magic. While laying on the beach on a particularly hot evening gazing at the full moon, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to have a chat with the moon too, and see what it had to say about its effects on human psychology.

Although I was familiar with both the astronomical and astrological effects of the moon on the earth and humans, what I heard that night was unlike anything I’d read in books and seen in documentaries. 

The moon told me exactly how its light affects humans, why the full moon affects us negatively, and how we can use moonlight consciously to manifest our desires and fulfil our life purpose.

Watch the video below to learn all about it. 


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