Hindu Goddesses of Love, Health, and Wealth | Ananta Ripa Ajmera
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Working with gods and goddesses is not just a New Age trend; it’s a timeless tradition rooted in ancient wisdom.

As a priest dedicated to Hellenism (Greek Paganism) I work with the Greek gods and goddesses. Still, I also hold immense respect for the pantheons of all ancient religions because, at their core, they share profound similarities.

Earth-based religions, including Greek, Norse, Celtic, and Hindu traditions, have a common practice of personifying the laws and functions of the Universe through gods and goddesses. These divine beings were sculpted to reflect the unique histories, landscapes, and idiosyncrasies of each culture.

For example, while Aphrodite embodies love in Greek culture, Freya plays a similar role in Norse tradition.

When we work with gods and goddesses from various pagan traditions, we are, in essence, tapping into universal virtues and principles like love, courage, strength, and power. We connect with timeless wisdom, attune ourselves to universal frequencies, and catalyze positive transformations in our lives.

To delve deeper into the realm of Hindu goddesses, I’m thrilled to introduce Ananta Ripa Ajmera, the author of “The Way of the Goddess,” as our special guest on The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll gain profound insights into Vedic spiritual traditions and connect with the nine Indian goddesses, unlocking a deeper understanding of divine feminine power. Through simple daily practices, you’ll discover the tools and inspiration to embark on your unique journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.

Specifically, in this enlightening episode, you’ll:

  • Discover the nine Indian goddesses embodying divine feminine powers such as courage, creativity, and transformation.
  • Explore Vedic traditions like Ayurveda and Yoga to connect with your highest self and find purpose and pleasure.
  • Engage in daily rituals like chakra balancing and journal prompts to honor the divine energies within you.
  • Reconnect with your spiritual core by using this guide’s practices for reflection and rejuvenation in today’s turbulent world.

Watch the episode now and meet the nine goddesses of transformation.

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