3 Steps to Heart-Centered Selling
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For many people business and spirituality don’t mix. Spirituality deals with emotions and following your soul’s calling, whereas business deals with thoughts and following carefully calculated decisions. Growing up to enjoy both business and spirituality I’ve always strived to combine the two, with the aim of creating a new form of entrepreneurship vaguely defined in my head as Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship.

As a result, in the course of the past eight years I’ve invested my time and energy in growing both aspects of myself. Whilst burying myself in metaphysical texts and spiritual practices, I also did a Masters degree in Business Management, and tested these seemingly contrasting modalities to build my spiritual life coaching business.

In this series of articles I will share with you everything that I’ve learned in my path of becoming a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, starting with my top three tips for heart-catered selling:

         1. Don’t Sell, Be Your Offering

You don’t need to sell a product or service if you are already being it. You were born with a very specific Life Purpose that’s crafted after your unique blend of skills, abilities, and personality characteristics. Only you can achieve your Life Purpose, and without it the world would be clueless on how to go about it. Once you are on purpose, you don’t need to struggle in order to sell your offerings. You become this pulsing being that radiates the benefits of who you are and what you offer, and those who need you are naturally attracted to you.

          2. Build Relationships

Once people are attracted to you they won’t immediately purchase what you have to offer. This is because, as human beings we are fundamentally social, and we make most of our purchasing choices based on the quality of our relationships with the brands we interact with. Ponder on your most recent purchase: Why did you choose one brand over another? How has your affinity with the brand affected your purchasing decision? You’ll soon realize that your purchase was based on trust, which was carefully built over time through your chosen brand’s active effort to build a relationship with you.

        3. Don’t Sell Words, Sell Emotions

The reason anyone wants anything is so that they can feel a certain way. This understanding makes selling fairly straightforward: Identify how your product or service will make your ideal customer feel like, and showcase that emotion. The operative word is showcase. Emotions cannot be explained in a written or verbal way; they have to be felt. Marketers try to do that by sampling products and services, yet the most successful ones are those who manage to authentically be the product before they attempt to sell its emotional benefit, as discussed in the first point. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, your goal is to be your brand, and let your ideal customers bask in the emotional benefits of your offerings, which you naturally exude.

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