4 Steps to Get Over Anything
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I consider myself to be the epitome of a spiritual junkie. Reading and writing are not simply my hobbies but they are my life’s greatest passions and purpose. Anyone who knows me knows that I spend day and night locked in my room, reading spiritual books and writing articles. When I don’t, you will most probably find me researching and journaling in quaint little cafes over a cup of herbal tea. As a result of my full time job in the reading industry, I’ve came across hundreds of concepts and processes, all designed to alleviate fear and carve out a path towards love.

Having practiced many such processes, I came to realize that they all share a common perspective; a spiritual grid or formula which provides the steps to alleviating fear and get you safely on the road to love. To save you some precious time, I’ve summarized this formula in four simple steps, that you can apply on any negative situation, to turn obstacles into blessings.

  • Identify the negative emotion. Every negative situation comes with, and is driven by, a negative emotion. Therefore, the first step to healing a negative situation is to bring that emotion into the light. To do this, you need to understand that an emotion cannot exist without a thought, or a pattern of thoughts, backing it up. Whenever you catch yourself feeling negatively, pause and ask yourself, “Where is this emotion coming from?” Doing this will allow you to get a feel for the backstory behind the negativity, so that you can more effectively deal with it.
  • Be willing to change. Having identified the negative emotion, as well as the thoughts or beliefs that created it, honour that emotion by acknowledging it, and then be willing to change it. Most people choose to ignore their feelings, or worse, persistently hold on to them, convinced of their self-righteousness. Remember that, no matter how right you are about the way you feel, holding on to the negativity can only make you feel worse. Instead, consciously affirm that you acknowledge the negative emotion and you are willing to let it go.
  • Forgive. This is probably the most important step to dealing with negativity. Forgiveness is the simple act of seeing the bigger picture and understanding that, in the mind of God, nothing went wrong, and everyone is innocent and loving at heart. Forgiveness has nothing to do with condoning the other person’s actions, but it invites you to let go of the situation and find inner peace. Forgiving yourself for attracting a negative situation, and forgiving the other person for causing you harm in any way, is an imperative part to returning back to your natural state of love.
  • Focus on the solution. Albert Einstein was right to say that, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Instead of keeping the vibration of the problem active, by thinking, talking and blogging about it, choose to tell a different story. The easiest way to do this is by identifying the emotional signature of what you want, and focusing on it. If you want more peace, then focus on, and try to embody the emotion of peace. The Law of Attraction will ensure to match you up with similar-feeling emotions, thoughts and experiences, creating a new momentum of attraction that will lead you to your desired outcome. For more information on how to do this, refer to my article “Is Grid the New Vortex?”

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