How French Fries Ruined my Day
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I’ve been lying on the bed for two hours now with a terrible stomach ache and an unbearable feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. I pulled out all kinds of New Age tricks I’ve learned through the years desperate to get a glimpse of the inexhaustible enthusiasm and creativity that usually define my Sundays. I have meditated for half an hour, gave myself a Reiki healing for half more, I even called upon Archangel Raphael and his army of healing angels to come and take over the situation. But no matter what I attempted the results remained the same: I feel tired, low and depressed, all because of having a bowl of French fries!

What could possibly be behind my sudden and painfully irritating fatigue that had me paralyzed in bed for half of the day? The answer is more complex than it seems so I’ll need to share with you the entire story.

Four years ago I had the impulse to become a vegetarian. At the time I was a full-on meat-eater with no fruits or vegetables in my diet whatsoever. I simply loved the taste of meat and had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the most part of my teenage-hood. Such was my passion for it that I proclaimed myself allergic to fruits and vegetables just to hush my family’s concerns for my health. Concurrently, my passion for spirituality had been growing too, and as I developed my psychic skills further I came to discover that certain foods clogged my intuition and clouded my consciousness, so that I couldn’t achieve the accuracy I sought in my readings. Eventually, there came a point when my unhealthful eating habits were inhibiting my spiritual growth, and so I had to take action.

Being a vegetarian for almost four years now I feel healthy, vital and energetic most of the time and I no longer have the usual fatigue that usually follows the consumption of meat. Becoming a vegetarian has also awakened me to a whole new world of health-food diet systems and modalities that I have also selectively implemented into my lifestyle based on inner guidance. As a result, I rid my diet of processed and genetically modified products, sugar, dairy and fried foods and the results have been most rewarding to my health.

But… There are times when a boy needs to indulge himself a little bit… And so, following a series of unfortunate events I found myself at my favourite restaurant ordering a huge veggie burger and a large bowl of French fries. An hour after I had finished my fat-abundant, oil-garnished and processed-to-the-point-that’s-no-longer-considered-to-be-food lunch, my body was knocked-out. Literally.

Food Medicine

I couldn’t help but wonder, what is there about processed, junk food that causes such internal chaos? Did other people experience similar symptoms, or had my body adapted beyond such kinds of foods? Having been meditating on and researching the matter for a few months now I came to the following insights:

  • The closer the food we eat is to the earth the more life-force energy it has. Life-force energy is the energy that’s found in all forms of life. It’s a spiritual, intelligent form of Source energy that’s responsible for making our world go around. Nature is directly connected to the stream of never-ending Life-force energy that feeds our planet, and maintains the balance between our man-made constructions and the natural environment. It is a constant provider of all-loving, pure-positive energy and aliveness; and so are the foods it provides.
  • As we move up the food pyramid life-force energy depletes so that, meat, sugars and processed foods contain less and less energy. Since our mind, body and spirit are interdependent, the quality of our food has palpable effects on our emotions. Therefore, the more natural foods we eat, the more happy, energized and uplifted we feel.
  • The reason a single bowl of fries affected my well-being to such a great extent, is because over the past four years I have programmed my body to a high-vibrational, healthier diet that raised by well-being threshold. Therefore, my whole being became so used to feeling light and cheerful throughout the day, as impacted by my healthy diet, that it couldn’t process the fact that I had suddenly shifted to something so different.  In other words, a negative feeling will have a greater impact on a person who’s used to feeling uplifted and energized most of the time, than on someone who is used to more negative-feeling situations.

Am I implying that everyone should be a vegetarian? Of course not, for every body has a unique combination of needs for its optimum health standard. However, I am suggesting that when we infuse our diets with a substantial amount of fruits and vegetables then we will see significant improvements to our emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Intrigued by my French fry drama and also working towards a university assignment, I’ve decided to embark on a one-week raw food diet that’s based primarily on fruits and vegetables. I’m looking forward to taking vegetarianism to the next level and identify more contrasts and insights to share with you next week.

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