The Faery Whisperer: An Interview with Dawn Brierley
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I met Dawn last June when we both got to interview Doreen Virtue during her UK Blog Tour. Intrigued by her title of the Faery Whisperer I paid her website a quick visit that ended up in hours of journeying into her enchanting world of faeries and spirituality. It instantly became apparent to me that her intentions were pure and the faeries were thrilled to pursue their divine mission through her. Since then I’ve been following her blog religiously, enthused by her determination to heal and empower with such modesty and courage.

I knew that things got serious when a few months later Dawn tweeted a picture of her standing next to her books – Hundreds of books and oracle card decks tightly packed together in what immediately became my dream book case. Like Dawn, I’m also a self-proclaimed book addict. I’m one of those overly excited bookworms who devour a couple of books every week and still complain that they don’t have enough time to read! I first realized I was a book-addict when I caught myself purchasing two new books while I was in the process of reading five other. The potential for knowledge and self-empowerment is insurmountable and I love stepping into the realms of possibility and promise of invincibility which are deeply entrenched in most spiritual books.

Embracing Difference

Exhilarated to have found a person who shared my passion and hunger for spirituality I jumped right on to the opportunity and asked Dawn to be a guest in my blog. After all, what’s more important than following your passion and finding people to share it with? Life is all about having fun, and fun is contagious. Your choices, interests and passions may seem fickle or illogical to other people, but as long as you enjoy it and find people to enjoy it with, then nobody else’s opinion matters.

Difference is what makes life interesting and beautiful. Without the contrast of life no desire could ever exist, no expansion of consciousness could ever take place; for it is the buffet of choices provided by that contrast that triggers the focusing of our desires and activates their manifestation.  Exhilarated by the idea of co-creating in my fabled world of magic and spirituality, I’m honoured to host the wonderful Dawn Brierley in my virtual home.

What’s the story behind the Faery Whisperer? Tell me about your first contact with the world of the faeries and the premise from which you got onto your spiritual path.

Did you know that it’s actually a Myth that my spiritual path began with faeries? It actually began with communicating with the spirit world. I was born into a psychic family, my Great Gran used to do trance mediumship and even helped the local police many moons ago now, my Nan was my personal mentor for the 3 years of my life that she was still here. Since her passing in 1992, she has still been a huge part of my life and still mentors me now. When I was around 14/15 I began looking into Wicca and found that large amounts of the pathway resonated with me, but not strong enough for me to dedicate my pathway to that one and only way –  I’m far too much of a freespirit to be confined to just one label. (As any Goddess Woman knows – we love to collect labels).

I took up meditation and yoga and got my hands on a copy of A Course in Miracles. I remember reading the first few pages and thinking “Life has given me this miracle – the miracle of knowledge of the power of love”. I then looked into Celtic Reiki not long after I lost my father, who just before his passing asked my Mum to pop into town and treat me to something. Mum came back that day with a meditation CD, a book about faeries and also the famous Brian Froud Faerie Oracle. I think it most certainly cemented my work with the faeries and their energies. I worked through my Celtic Reiki Masters, and felt impelled to begin writing – something I’d always loved doing. When I was 6 years old we had a school project where we had to write a book each in class made up of a pet of ours and their journey. I wrote about my cat Tinkerbelle and her journey. I recall writing it with my Mum and saying; “When I grow up, I’m going to write books”. It’s a life dream that still resonates strongly with me.

To begin with, I wrote articles ( I had no idea about blogs back then – I would have been in my element if I had), and I had them published. My very first faerie article was published in a magazine in New Zealand. Slowly but surely I built up a following as I was known as “The Angelic Faerie Whisperer”, as I combined my passion for angel, spirit and faeries into my teachings. Fast forward a few years and I wanted a simplified “title” to help me stand out from the crowd, and I settled upon “The Faerie Whisperer” after my Mum suggested it. The day after I became a columnist for FAE Magazine! The faeries have been there in the background for me all my life, from the butterflies as a child (now an emblem for my work with the faeries), to the creative writing I dabble with now, and my daily practices. Now I focus more on life coaching that aims to help women raise their standards and change their lives, since encountering some intense things in my life that made me really sit up and take focus on what I want to achieve in my life. I follow A Course in Miracles, in fact I live by the principles of it, along with Kabbalah which is my rock, and also along with anything that enhances my positive metaphysical thinking.

I have always been fascinated about the concept of the life purpose –What it is and how to find it. I would love to learn about your perspective on the subject and how you have come to terms with yours.

Life purpose is something that I used to sit for hours thinking “what is my life purpose?”, “what should I be doing?” I even thought that the creative force many collectively refer to as God was playing hide and seek with my life purpose. I realised that I was asking the wrong question. I should have asked; “what should I be being?” When I asked myself that, the response I heard, felt and knew was simple yet profound; ‘You are here to BE love, to GIVE love, to RECEIVE love. You simply have to be you – be all that is – be LOVE.
In that moment I knew that everything that I’d been through; the bullying at school, the confidence loss I endured, the abusive relationship I had been in, it all led me to this. It all led me to being me, being LOVE. There is a great way to start the day and it’s a quote from A Course in Miracles, it’s a prayer that states;

“Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say, and to whom?”

I say it every day, and it reassures me that I will be where I am meant to be, I will meet people I am supposed to meet, I will do what I am meant to do, and I will say what I am supposed to say – because I’ve been guided to live my life purpose – daily.

In our tweet-chat you labeled yourself a self-confessed book addict, a title I would proudly take on myself. Tell me about your love affair with books. Why are they important to you?

faery whisperer - dawn brierley 2

Dawn and her beloved books.

I love this question to the moon and back! It makes me smile! I can say that I have had a lifelong love affair with books! They are my loving companion, they never let me down, they are always there, just an arms reach away, and they take me to places I never knew existed! I am a proud book addict, because books have always been there in my life. From my childhood I was reading anything I could get my hands on. I still have all my childhood books ranging from the Famous Five seris, to the Baby Sitters Club. I even have my first baby book, the soft waterproof chewy book that contained the alphabet! I never throw a book away, ever! So I have thousands of books –  enough to start a library! For me books are a way of escape from a sometimes tough world. They allow me to choose where I want to go, what adventure I want to go on, I get to visit Italy without leaving my sofa, and change careers without re-training. They offer me a window into the soul of the writer, each book is a precious gem that represents the authors dreams – dreams that millions of us share.

Take Sophie Kinsella’s famous Shopaholic series for example – ladies worldwide resonate with Miss Rebecca Bloomwood – I know I do! Then there are the Mills and Boon books – us ladies can daydream about being the lucky girl in the arms of a wealthy Italian / Greek Billionaire! Books remind us that we can dream! I find that when I read a good novel, with a positive message such as the ones I’ve mentioned, I’m able to get into a Super Powerful Manifestation Vortex – reading about romance – puts me into the vibration of romance, reading about the Shopaholic puts me in the place where I can splurge on the gorgeous green scarf!

As you have seen from my bookcase I have hundreds of metaphysical titles that inspire me daily and even looking at their spines instils strength in me from the content they contain, at the seeming magick that vibrates from them. Books are my pride and joy – it’s a romance that will never end – it’s my happy ever after.

Dawn Brierley believes in miracles and expects miracles, and is a Life Coach and CEO of Celestial Life Coaching which promotes the message of “Raise Your Standards and Make the Decision to Change your Life” whilst working with a metaphysical energy. She is an avid student of A Course in Miracles, loves Meditative Chanting, has become a lover of Yoga. She loves all books and believes in Universal Spirituality with her main practices being from Kabbalah, and Hinduism. She has just launched her Miracle Coaching Tree basic package for $60.

For more information you can find her on Facebook @ and over at her Universally Global website @

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