Faeries Talk in Rhythms. Here’s What They Say.
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It’s ironic, how I talk and teach about faeries and the therapeutic qualities of nature, while I spend most of my days locked in my room, completely aloof from the natural world. Being jolted back into perspective following a psychic reading from my good friend Bernard Charles, I decided to take action. As a result, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I took my revision notes and headed to a nearby park.

As I settled on a bench in the middle of the park, under a towering cherry tree with the most beautiful pink blossoms, I instantly felt a sense of calm take over my body. I could literally feel my body’s muscles loosing up, all the stresses of the day flashing out of my body, and the weariness I was previously overtaken with transcending into a calming sense of vitality.

Rhythms of Nature

Although I have written about the healing qualities of the sounds, scents, and colours of nature before, I had a hunch that this wasn’t the entire story. Contemplating on the effect my surroundings had on me, I realized that there was something about the subtle rhythms and movements in nature that triggered the changes I was experiencing: The bees gathering nectar from flower to flower, the birds leaping through the trees’ branches, blossom pedals falling gently on the ground, and the trees swaying in the light breeze.

Before I could formulate a question in my mind, I was hit with the wisdom I was looking for.

Being the spirits and consciousness of nature, the faeries are responsible for translating its messages through colours, sounds, scents, as well as rhythms. As the bees and birds go about their usual daily activities, and as the flower pedals dance through the wind as they always do, they are literally emitting and conveying a very general yet powerful message: All is well.

Well-being Abounds

Glancing around me, I was struck by how the natural environment seemed so unaffected by our human concerns for economic depression, social corruption, and environmental pollution – the birds didn’t care about deforestation, and the bees didn’t cry over extinct flower species. They just went merrily about their usual business, did the best they could with what they have, and focused on living a happy life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting environmental destruction, nor am I trying to minimize its significance.

The message I got from this carefree sequence of rhythms in nature, is that pushing against a problem never creates a solution, for the have completely different vibrations. Conversely, focusing on the well-being that always abounds in nature is all that we need to do to experience it in our lives. The more we focus on something the more it expands. This has been nature’s secret for eons, as it has survived every single form of destruction we’ve brought upon it. It’s about time that we learn from its example – take things lightly, focus on what we have, focus on what IS working, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Turn Knowledge Into Action

Wherever you are, go to the nearest window that faces any form of nature – trees, flowers, rivers, lakes, sea, even the sky will do. Stand there for a minute or two and observe the subtle rhythms of things. Don’t try to interpret or overthink anything. Just let your eyes observe what’s going on, and let yourself settle in the soothing feeling of well-being that must ensue.

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