Why Expressing Yourself Feels So Good
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Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking Marie Forleo’s B-School, an 8-week program guiding creative entrepreneurs into starting their online business. My decision to take this program was as a result of an epiphany I’ve had last year, encouraging me to invest in my own dreams, and start my own business. When I commit to something I go all the way, so having had this epiphany I went to Business School, read books on money and entrepreneurship, and a month ago decided to turn knowledge into action through B-school.

The truth is, I love B-school, I love my university degree, and I love my newfound passion of merging business and spirituality. Yet, in my drive to shape my brand, build a new website, and come up with a communication plan, I ended up abandoning the ‘spirituality’ aspect of the equation. Three weeks into B-school, and after making the conscious decision to pause blogging until my new website was up and running, I found myself feeling lost and lethargic. Two weeks away from expressing myself in writing had been enough to drain my joy, passion, and exhilaration that drove my passion in the first place. Without a purpose and an outlet to express myself, I had lost my identity, and felt completely lost.

Having eventually made the decision to resume my weekly blogging to keep my sanity, I couldn’t help but wonder, why does expressing ourselves feel so good?

You Are Made Out of Happiness

When we refer to expressing ourselves, the Self we usually refer to is not the stereotypical persona we have been trained into by society, nor is our ego’s acceptable, censored version of ourselves. The Self we are talking about is our raw, uncensored, unbound-by-stereotypes, authentic self. When we are being authentic, we recognize that we are not mere human beings, but we are physical extensions of the pure-positive, all-loving, invincible Source energy that is everything and everyone. Most importantly, when we express ourSelves, we are in alignment with our unique talents and abilities, the skills that we were endowed with to fulfill our life’s purpose.

Being authentic feels so damn good, because we are, literally, made out of love and happiness. And by expressing our authentic self we recognize, experience, and extend, the truth of this understanding.

This realization inevitably leads to the understanding that, when we are not feeling good about ourselves, therefore, when we are not fully expressing our true interests and passions, we literally hold ourselves apart from our authentic self, which is directly related to our happiness, our personal fulfillment, and most importantly, to our life’s purpose. Abraham-Hicks suggests that “you cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey,” implying that, consciously and deliberately following our bliss, through expressing ourselves, is really, the only way we can have the happy ending we always intended to have.

Turn Knowledge Into Action

Ask yourself: How am I not being authentic in my life, right now? What are my true dreams and passions that I refrain from because of my, or others’ limiting beliefs? Why aren’t I following my dreams? What am I afraid of?

Take inventory of your dreams versus the amount of action-time you are investing in them. Instead of feeling guilty for not expressing your Self as much as you should have, forgive yourself, and commit to doing ONE thing to express yourself every day.

Remember, big dreams are just a series of smaller ones.

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