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Every time a child says, “I don’t believe in fairies,” there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.  ~ James Matthew Barrie, Peter Pan

I have been a fan of the little flying beings known as faeries for a long time now. My room in Cyprus is filled with little faery dolls hanging from the ceiling, faery paintings I’d been drawing since high-school, and all kinds of different books about all the types of faeries that exist out there. Moreover, I’ve been secretly referring to myself as firefairy for some time now, cried while watching Tinker Bell – The Movie, and sprinkled fairy dust around my house while singing to Selena Gomez’ “Fly to your heart.”

Despite my long-term endearing of the faeries, over the past few months I’ve been struck by an incomparable, irrepressible obsession with the playful creatures. Reading Signe Pike’s book “Faery Tale” seemed to have pulled a trigger of adventure within me, driving my quest to commune with the faery realm and find out all about its secrets. Therefore, equipped with a notebook, my channeling skills, and plenty of enthusiasm, I flew myself to faeryland. I delighted in their magic, beseeched their counsel, played their tricky games and sang cheerfully with them while learning more about their work and purpose on planet Earth, as well as their involvement with humans. Although my journeying into the faery kingdom will not be coming to an end anytime soon, I’m keen to share my so-far knowledge, in this crash course article on the world of the faeries.

What are the faeries?

Faeries = The spirits or consciousness of nature.

 In the same way that humans and animals inhabit this planet as conscious beings, so do trees, flowers, rivers, lakes, mountains – and all aspects of the four elements. They are all consciousness, breathing planet earth into existence in the same way that we do.

The concept of Oneness, suggests that we are all physical-extensions of Source energy, connected to each other as in a massive web of energy. The only difference between the different types of Source energy beings of our planet, is their perspective and purpose.

The faeries’ purpose

Taking this into consideration, it’s easier to comprehend that, just as we’ve got our purpose on planet earth, so do the different components of nature. The faeries, are simply the non-physical, Source energy consciousness that’s behind everything natural. They are the essence of plants, caressing their delicate structure and infusing them with their unique fragrance, they are the calming sound of water winding down the hill, the fierce and powerful presence of a forest fire, as well as the rich and nutritious mud of a marshland.

The fairies are the guardian angels of nature, with the purpose of maintaining its vitality and infusing our planet with pure-positive, all-loving, life-force energy.

What faeries look like

Being spirit and consciousness, faeries are formless.

Despite that, they do have an essence and personality that’s related to their purpose. In time, humans have translated the essence and personality of the different aspects of nature into tangible forms that we can understand and work with. As a result, we’ve assigned the different aspects of nature, semi-human forms and characteristics which, in our opinion, relate to their essence.

The faeries are happy to mold themselves into whatever form we give them, as long as they can fulfill their purpose of instill us, and the world, with their love and light.

The Faeries’ message to you

In my personal interaction with the faery realm, I came to experience their blessings in countless ways. The common denominator behind all my faery encounters, and their main aim in their interaction with humans, is the deliberate but gentle encouragement to connect with nature.

All types of fairies have communicated that, it is the aim of nature to imbue our planet with an understanding of well-being, positivity and vitality. Since humans are part of nature too, meshing ourselves in its energy provides us with immediate healing.

They’ve encouraged me to visualize all nature components as portals of positive energy, that literally spew out an aura of well-being. Interacting with nature by taking a walk along the river, relaxing in a park, tending to your garden or simply breathing in fresh air, allows the fairies to work their magic and cleanse away all negative energy, helping our emotional, mental and physical bodies to return to their natural state of well being.

Communicate with the faeries

There are countless ways to communicate with the faery realm, but I personally prefer practical processes that don’t require much preparation and long meditations. Here, I provide two equally effective methods to communicate with the faeries and invite them into your life:

  • Create an altar. To invite the fairies into your house, create an altar and decorate it with different symbols and items that relate to faeries and nature. Faery figurines, paintings, candles, shells, plants and crystals are some of the many tools you can use to set up your altar. If you are drawn to a particular type of faery, then do some research on its nature, and decorate your altar as such. Inviting the faeries into your home will result to a gradual cleansing and purification of your house’s energy.
  • Get out in nature. The best way to communicate with the fairies is to get out in nature. Go to a park, river, forest or even your house garden and show them some love. I usually do so by tending to my garden – getting rid of withered leaves, watering the plants, and appreciating their exquisite work in filtering our atmosphere. Offering them sweets, like chocolates and honey, is also an acceptable way of communication since they love feeding on the sweets’ energy. If you have particular questions for the fairies, relax your mind and body, ask your questions and let the fairies instill you with their energy. Their answers and blessings usually come in the form of signs, impressions and surges of inspiration.

Whichever process you choose, be respectful towards them and don’t try to intimidate them in any way. Faeries might sound cute and sweet, but they’ve got an ego and they demand respect.

Once you make the decision to invite the faeries into your life, you’ll be engaging into a playful path of inner transformation. Infused by their magic your life will get more fulfilling every day and you’ll be gifted with a natural ease to uplift yourself and others.

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