An Interview with Doreen Virtue
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From the moment I found out I would have the opportunity to interview Doreen Virtue, I’ve been making constant yet futile efforts to relieve my excitement so that I could compose this post. Words are simply not enough to explain how Doreen Virtue has influenced my life. Unlike those dedicated fans who have been following her for years, I first came across her teachings two years ago when I got an intuitive urge to work with angels. I was instantly hooked to the expressive writing tone of her books, the empowering messages of her weekly videos, and her soothing voice in audio meditations. Ever since, and as a result of her teachings, I’ve nurtured a very close relationship with my guardian angels, and my life has become more vibrant and magical.

However, the main influence Doreen has had on my life came just recently, when I read about her life story in her autobiography, “The Lightworker’s way.”  I was captured by her dreams and passions as a young adult, and her determination to discover her Life Purpose. The notion of the Life Purpose hadn’t crossed my mind up until that point, and it led to a sudden shift inside me that completely transformed my worldview. Up until reading the book I had been going through life unsure of my purpose. Of course, as every person I did have interests and hobbies, and I was always following my heart, but I had never consciously chosen to concentrate on a particular Life Purpose. Reading through her journey of self-discovery with all her struggles and accomplishments, awakened my willpower and inquisitiveness. It was a slight but powerful shift in perception that ignited my passion, and gave me the determination to search for my own Life Purpose and follow my dreams.

As a result, I was excited to delve deeper into the concept of the Life Purpose with Doreen, as well as her work with the Angelic and Elemental Realms.

In your book “The Lightworker’s way” I was introduced to the concept of the Life Purpose and it’s had a tremendous impact on me. I have always followed my heart’s desires as a basis for choosing a career path, but making the conscious realization that I may have a Life Purpose, exhilarated me. The idea of finding that particular path that resonates fully with my being and would allow me to exploit and fulfill my full potential, led to a subtle but powerful shift inside me. As a result, I feel much more enlightened, empowered and joyful. I would like to know about your view on the concept of the life purpose. Do we all have one, is it important, and how can we find it?

I love this question, it is very touching. The answer is yes! You and everyone on earth have a life purpose – no one is allowed onto the earth without one. They are kind of like an ID. There are more souls that want to come to earth then there are bodies that would house them and there is a gateway system with two kinds of life purpose.  The first kind is a personal life purpose, an issue that you are coming here to work on such as passion, forgiveness, patience or non-materiality – something personal that you are coming here to balance and heal your previous life times. The second kind is a global life purpose, where you have come here to volunteer and help make the world a better place before you go back to heaven. Having this urge to help is a sign that you are a Lightworker, however not everyone does have this urge and there are some people that come here for their own growth, or for what is known as a resting life (these people don’t have a global purpose)

The fact that you are asking this question is a sign that you have a global purpose.  To help you discover what your global purpose is, here are some indicators:

  • When you were a little boy or a girl and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up, whatever career you said has a common denominator with what your life purpose is. So if you said you wanted to be a fire-fighter, that’s a sign that you are here to help protect and rescue. If you said you wanted to be a nurse that is an indication you are here to heal – this could be as a mainstream healer or as alternative healer.  As children we remember our soul contact and purpose and so taking a close look at the answers we gave is an important clue.
  • Ask yourself ‘who do I admire’, or even ‘who am I jealous of?’ This will also give you an indication as to your purpose. For some their purpose is aligned with their career and making money, for others it may be vocational or a hobby. The important thing is that you do something every single day that fits with your purpose.
  • A third indicator is to ask yourself ‘what is my passion?’ This can include the issues that really upset you in the news. If you think ‘someone should do something about this’ then, guess what, that someone is you! If you are passionate about horses then they are somehow part of your life purpose, if you love to give advice and strangers often approach you to ask for guidance it’s a sign.

This is a framework for working out what your life purpose is, but you need to know that your ego is going to fight you on this! We all have an ego and its life force is fear. Our egos do not want us to bring light and love into the world. Often the bigger a person’s life purpose, the more the ego is going to speak up and the louder it is going to be. Your ego will typically tell you that you are not ready, or qualified enough, to carry out your life purpose. It will continuously ask you to prepare for it, to delay it instead of doing it, but as Lightworkers we have to rise above that voice. A little like tuning out the sound of a buzzing fly. You’ve got to take action steps every day and the best way to do this is to ask your Angels ‘what would you have me do today?’ and then do it.

Over the years you have taught about Angels, Fairies, Mermaids, Unicorns and other celestial beings. The understanding I have of all these different beings is that they are all different aspects of God – different manifestations of God with certain characteristics and abilities that differentiates them from each other, while still being part of God. For example, working with Fairies helps you experience the playful side of God, whereas working with Angels allows you to work with matters of the heart and tap into the unconditional-love aspect of God. I would like to know about your view on this, and how we can understand the totality of all these different entities as well as our need as humans to communicate with them.

Oh yes! That’s very well put. This reminds me of my new Angel Tarot card deck, in which we paired up the different elements with the different realms. For example, for the water element of the Tarot cards we use Mermaids, because Mermaids represent the emotions and the unconscious. Working with Mermaids allows you to delve really, really deep and question what you really believe in and what you really feel – it allows you to get honest with yourself. For the earth element we use Fairies, as you say they represent playfulness, but more than that they represent us living on this planet and the physicality of living on this earth. Fairies all speak to day-to-day existence and the importance of taking care of our home, Mother Earth and manifesting all we need to have a safe comfortable home, enough to eat, clothing for our family and so on.

For the fire element we are working with Dragon energy. I have a personal Dragon sprit guide and I wrote about Dragons in Goddesses and Angels, but I haven’t really publically spoken about Dragon energy much as it can go either from the ego or the higher-self and so I wanted to make sure I did it right. Dragon energy from the higher-self represents energy in this world and taking action. A lot of you are very good at tapping into it, especially now we have all opened up and are more sensitive. However this is only part of what Dragons represent, the second part relates to taking action steps. We can no longer be passive and we have to balance sensitivity and strength – the Dragons help us to be strong and to have the courage to get out there.

For the air element we use Unicorns as they represent the spheres of ideas, inspiration and illuminations. We also chose them because their horns are a good alternative to the swords in traditional Tarot decks. It really is a new era – violence is very soon going to be a thing of the past. We are, thank goodness, getting away from a competitive energy and moving into an era of cooperation. We are experiencing a world view of abundance instead of lack. The Unicorns are the purest of all the elemental energies, like the fairies and the mermaids they were once physically on this planet, but they ascended; to avoid having physical pain they had to go to a higher level. Now only those who are pure of heart, such as children, can see and hear them. Dolphins are on that path right now and we have to save them before they too ascend and become mythical creatures. So all these beings work with us in order to help us grow spiritually and chose peace and even to ascend in this lifetime.

In my personal meditations and Angel channeling I have received the message that 2012 will not be the end of the world as many people believe. However, it will be the end of the old paradigm that is based on fear and the idea that our life and future are controlled by a power outside of us. As a result, 2012 will mark the beginning of a new paradigm based on love and a greater understanding of the fact that we are the creators of our own experiences. Of course, more and more people have been awakening to this understanding for a long time now, but 2012 will mark the starting point of this new era. What is your opinion on this, 2012 in general, and how can the Angels assist us during this year if it really is such a special year.

I believe this process has been happening for a long time and it is not just one certain year in a Gregorian calendar. I‘ve lectured for a while now that there is really very little correlation between the Mayan calendar and the Gregorian calendar, and neither are terribly accurate. The Gregorian calendar is based on Jesus’ life and ascension and we are not quite sure when this happened in physical time. The Mayan calendar is subjective at best. But nonetheless there is definitely an energy shift happening currently, whatever year this is in the earth’s history, there is an opening up and a tuning that’s happening at a higher frequency and a greater rate. I’ve actually been seeing this since 1999 when the whole Y2K scare happened, around then I started to notice more people from the corporate world were attending my workshops and interested in exploring their spirituality. Every time there is a problem in the world it seems to help us to open our hearts if we let it. If we really go inside ourselves and ask ‘what does this mean, what can I learn from it and how can I help?’ then out of every dark and evil experience can come blessings.

Doreen Virtue is usually referred to as “The Angel Lady” by the media, and this interview made it clear to me that this title goes beyond her involvement with the Angelic realm. Just as the Angels are spiritual messengers of God’s message of love, so is Doreen Virtue a true Earth Angel, helping those who are ready open themselves up to the all-loving, pure-positive, unlimited stream of well-being that abounds in our world and universe. Her answers left me feeling enlightened and empowered, and as I come to my closing remarks I can’t help but feel deep appreciation for this co-creating experience.

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