The Difference Between Ego & Intuition
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How do you tell the difference between ego and intuition?

This is my most frequently asked question.

You see, life is made up of a series of choices and impulses guiding you to all kinds of directions.

It can be tricky to know when this inner voice is coming from a place of love, or from a place of fear.

Whether you are a spiritual novice or master, you’re still human. And humanity comes with ego. 

However aligned you are to your Divine Self there will come a time when your ego prevails, and tries to lure you in a fearful direction disguised as divine guidance.

In times like that, being able to distinguish between ego and divine guidance can be particularly tricky!

However, there is a rule of thumb and a point of contact you can always consult to separate faux from true intuition. 

Watch my first ever vlog to find out what these are.

When you’re done, let me know in the comments below: What’s the number one way your ego tries to fake divine guidance?



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