Debunking manifestation myths
Debunking Manifestation Myths ⚡ | Vix Maxwell (New Age Hipster)
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Is it manifestation or privilege?

Is the Law of Attraction the most powerful law of the Universe?

Can we really manifest everything we want?

These are all questions I’ve pondered during my 15+ year journey of experimenting with, thinking about, and researching manifestation.

Many of the beliefs I’ve previously held about manifestation have since changed completely, others have deepened, and I’ve adopted new ones as well.

As a result, I now feel I have a more rounded and soulful idea of what it means to manifest our dreams and desires. I believe that, aside from the Law of Attraction, there are other laws that work in conjunction with it to manifest our desires.

For example, there are karmic contracts we’ve made with one another before incarnating on the planet, including collective contracts we’ve made as a society, that we can’t currently change.

In the latest episode of The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast, I chat with my friend and author of “Manifest Your Dreams,” Vix Maxwell (the New Age Hipster). I love having Vix on the podcast (this is the third time) because we tend to discuss leading-edge and sometimes controversial topics.

This episode will not disappoint on that front!

Specifically, in this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The relationship between privilege and manifestation
  • The various factors influencing manifestation
  • How to ensure your desires align with your purpose
  • Whether your thoughts truly manifest your reality

Click here to watch the episode and learn powerful practices for manifesting your dreams. 

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