Channeling Faery Art w/ Lady Viktoria
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In 2014 I’d just finished my Masters degree in Business Management and got my first job in London. Although I was excited for the new beginning, I desperately craved connection with nature.

The occasional train-trips away to Glastonbury, and my daily park meditations weren’t enough to sustain my hunger, so I knew I had to bring in the faeries. By that time, I’d nurtured a close relationship with the faery world, and knew I could work with them to get my nature fix despite living in an urban jungle.

It was around that time that I’d stumbled upon Lady Viktoria’s Etsy shop. I was instantly captivated by her magical faery art, and as soon as I laid eyes on her painting of The Faery of Elora, I knew she had to be mine.



The Faery of Elora


A beautiful faery maiden, naked, in the forest. She is so connected to the elements around her that she literally merges with them; her braids join the trees’ branches becoming one with the terrain. That’s exactly what I craved for, too.

Elora has been guiding my faery path for years now, silently staring up at me from my room’s wall reminding me to take time daily to connect with nature, and therefore, my authenticity.

To me, the only kind of art is the art that moves, transforms, and changes you as a person. That’s what Lady Viktoria’s art does for me, which is why I was so excited to interview her for my LIT UP Instagram Live Show.

Watch the replay of the interview below to learn…

  • How to Invite the Faeries & Elementals to Create Through You
  • Tips to Deepening Your Connection with Nature (even if you live in a city)
  • How to Draw for Tarot and Oracle Decks
  • Spiritual Process to Getting Into a Channeling State
  • Practical Tips to Seeing Nature Spirits With Your Physical Eyes



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