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My fascination with cacao begun when I worked with the cacao flower essence in 2020.

As I started taking daily drops of the elixir, I felt its magic work its way through my entire being. My heart opened up, suppressed emotions flooded to the surface to release, and I found myself becoming increasingly more aware of my moment-to-moment thoughts and emotions. 

I always wondered how else I could work with the magic of cacao to experience energy and spiritual healing and transformation. So, when an opportunity came up to attend a cacao ceremony workshop, I instantly jumped on it!

The results were phenomenal! Anfisa, the ceremony leader, guided us through a powerful meditation journey during which we were given the time needed for the cacao spirit and beverage to work its magic through our physical and energetic bodies. 

Moreover, I got to learn about the ancient history of cacao ceremonies, and all the different ways through which it was used through time. 

In this video you’ll learn about: 

  • The spiritual and healing benefits of cacao
  • The history of cacao and cacao ceremonies
  • How you can use cacao in your own spiritual practice
  • The best cacao to use for your ceremonies

Watch the video to learn about the healing benefits of cacao ceremonies. 


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