How to Break The Negativity Cycle
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“It’s the best of times and it’s the worst of times, because it’s the most of times!” Abraham-Hicks

Following my mugging experience a few weeks ago I noticed my life – the people I interacted with, opportunities that came my way, and experiences I had – changing in a noticeably negative way. I was falling back into habits and beliefs about life and myself that I’d given up years ago, and as a result my everyday reality was reflecting that.

Thankfully, I’ve been through enough spiritual relapses to let this one persist, so having taken the time to think and meditate on the matter I could see clearly what was going on…

It’s the Worst of Times

What the above quote by Abraham-Hicks suggests, is that at any point we get to choose the life we’re meant to live, based on what we choose to give our attention too. Reality is only real because of our giving of attention to a thought or idea, long enough for it to gain momentum to attract people and experiences that match it.

In my case, I’d given enough attention to my mugging experience for it to start attracting to it more experiences that matched its negative vibration. I’d blogged about it, complained about it, used it as an example in coaching sessions, and spent hours researching crime prevention and personal safety. As a result of giving it so much airtime, I’d activated the emotions of fear and vulnerability to the extent that they started attracting to them similar-feeling experiences.

Consequently, I’d unconsciously made the first steps towards making the statement, “It’s the worst of times!” true for me.

It’s the Best of Times

All that it took to snap out of the vicious circle of negativity I was in was the realization that I was participating in it. Having noticed the contract of the way I used to feel to the way I was feeling then, as well as all the negative experiences coming as a result, I decided to break the cycle.

The only way you can break a negative cycle is by building a new, positive one!

And so, I got back to my drawing board and reviewed my spiritual practice. I decreased complaining time and upped my meditation time, added a gratitude list, a bit of yoga, and threw in some Reiki healing, too. Most importantly, I committed to this practice every single day; and in no more than a week I’d managed to completely obliterate the muckiness and re-instill my all-positive, rainbow-sparkling, unicorn-filled life!

I’d consciously worked on, and consolidated the belief that, “It’s the best of times!”

What “Times” Do You Want to Experience?

At any moment, you have the power to create earth heaven or earth hell. You can do that by, either being a passive observer through life and allowing other people’s experiences to direct the way you feel and the life you manifest for yourself; Or you can take conscious control over your life, by taking the time to invest in your happiness and building a positive momentum of attraction that’ll create your happily ever after.

Learn how to build your personalized happiness practice, and maintain it, in my book Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher.

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