Book Therapy: How to Use Books for Healing & Spiritual Awakening
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Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m obsessed with reading books! At junior school I was awarded for reading more books that anyone else in the school, and at secondary school I spent most of the school breaks at the library reading and browsing for new literary adventures. More recently, my passion for books has reached such a high level that there are times when I read several books at the same time. I have so many books, that my prime requirement when I search for a new house is that it has a big enough bookcase.

Ask and You Shall Receive

It wasn’t until recently when I figured out that my passion for books is more than just a hobby, or a desire for escapism. Thinking back on my life I realized that reading books has been, and still is, my spiritual practice.

Unlike people who need the physical presence of a teacher or coach to guide them trough their spiritual path, I do that primarily through the use of books. Growing up as a gay boy in a small Christian community meant that I couldn’t openly express who I was. As a result, I spent most of my childhood and teenage years wearing masks and loathing something that felt natural to me.

At 16 years old I almost took my own life, and it was only when I hit rock bottom and surrendered my self-judgment that I finally found the answer I sought. At that moment, I made the decision to, simply, accept my gayness and learn to love me no matter what. I hit my knees and declared to the universe: Show me how to love myself!

Shortly after, a book on the Chinese modality of Feng Shui appeared in my life. The book’s message was simple: By changing your living space you can change your life. Six months later, and having completely renovated my room, I was a wholly different person. My grades at school improved, my relationship with my parents grew stronger, I attracted friends (I had absolutely zero friends before that!), dates, and most importantly, I found the courage to come out of the closet and declare to the world that I was gay and proud.

You are the Guru

From then on I embarked on a beautiful journey of healing and spiritual transformation, with the help of books. Following Feng Shui I was attracted to Astral Projection and the Art of Divination, teaching me that everything is energy and I had the power to make that energy work for me. Later on I discovered Louise Hay, who told me that my uniqueness is my gift to the world. The Teachings of Abraham introduced me to the Law of Attraction and showed me how to consciously manifest the life I deserved, and A Course in Miracles taught me that forgiveness is the ultimate tool to transcend any fearful situation into love.

I believe that I was guided on this path to learn self-empowerment – the ability to be my own guru on the course of my spiritual path – and teach you how to do so too. It is my unequivocal belief that YOU have the power to completely transform your life and your spiritual awareness, by calling upon your divine wisdom to guide you in reading books that will transform you.

How to Practice Book Therapy

Leveraging on books for spiritual enlightenment sounds simple enough, but I challenge you to approach this from a deeper perspective. I want you to understand that you have within you an Inner Guide that’s constantly connected to Source, and knows exactly what books you need to read to thrive on your Life Purpose. The following three steps will show you how to use your own inner wisdom to attract books that will lead you to spiritual enlightenment:

  1. Visit your favourite spiritual bookshop, or browse the Mind Body Spirit book section in online bookstores. Before you enter the store, mentally or verbally ask Spirit to lead you to the book/s you have to read at this point in your life.
  2. In the same way that you shop at a supermarket, wander through the bookstore and check out different books. Study the books’ covers, read the synopsis, and skim through the pages.
  3. As you do that for a while you’ll start noticing that certain books make you feel lighter and expansive, while other make you feel tense and contractive. Use this method of emotional discernment to choose the book/s that make you feel exceptionally light and expansive, as these positive emotions are the ways that your Inner Guide communicates with you.

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