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In western astrology, our Venus sign sheds light on our relationship with love, relationships, and belonging. But, did you know this also reveals a great deal about our relationship with money? It is, after all, a relationship, too! 

Although I’m not an astrologer and it’s never been my main spiritual interest, the more I learn about it, the more I see its value as a system for understanding ourselves and guiding our life purpose journey.  

 I’m particularly fascinated by natal chart astrology, which is all about deepening our understanding of ourselves for the purpose of inner growth and transformation.  

 I think it’s fair to say that both our personal and collective relationship with money is a tricky one, and one that requires a great deal of healing and exploration. Personally, I’ve done (and I’m still doing!) a lot of inner work over the years to unearth and transform my limiting beliefs around money.  

What’s your relationship with money like? How do you feel when you say this word out loud? Does it make your heart expand, or does your whole body contract a little? This simple exercise will give you an idea of where you are in transforming this relationship.  

To guide you further, in this week’s podcast episode, I interview money mentor and astrologer Natalia Benson. Natalia takes us through all 12 signs in Venus and their meaning in relation to money and prosperity.  

Click here to learn what your Venus sign says about your relationship with money.

(If you don’t know what sign your venus sign is in, you can calculate it here

Specifically, in this interview you’ll learn:  

  • What your Venus sign means 
  • 5 steps to heal your relationship with money 
  • Energetic exercises to manifest more money 
  • Practical exercises to manage your finances

Watch the episode to learn how to heal your relationship with money.

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