Are You Honouring the Divine Feminine in a Masculine Way?
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Our world is founded on patriarchy and masculinity.

It all started with the fall of polytheistic religions (the belief in many gods and goddesses) and the rise of monotheism (the belief in a single masculine god), a response to society shifting away from family- and agricultural-focused life and moving towards commerce and warfare.

As a result of this transition, feminine virtues such as self-love, intuition, and nurturing became redundant, and masculine virtues like logical thinking, hard work and struggle became more popular.

To survive, women were forced to develop their masculine sides, and men were encouraged to suppress their femininity and live up to stereotypical masculine standards.

Fortunately, we’re now at the point in time when the scales are tipping once again. Lightworkers all over the world are waking up and choosing to live a more balanced life.

The Divine Feminine is awakening within people, and matriarchy’s rising once again.

Yet, masculinity is so embedded in our nature that’s dictating the way the feminine rises. 

When this is done consciously the Divine Feminine rises steadily to regain a balanced position in society. When this is done unconsciously, masculinity can trick us into thinking we’re honouring the Divine Feminine when we’re really hindering it.

  • Examples of the ways masculinity gives rise to the Divine feminine include timing your meditations, structuring your yoga postures, and scheduling your spiritual practice.
  • Examples of the ways masculinity hinders the rise of the Divine Feminine involve forcing, struggling, and overworking yourself while doing any of the above.

As a rule of thumb, when your spiritual practice feels easy and pleasurable you’re nurturing the Divine Feminine and when it feels forced and unpleasant you’re hindering it.  

Have you been using masculinity to promote or hinder the rise of the Divine Feminine? Let me know in the comments below.

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