Archangel Michael Meditation to Feel Safe & Secure
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However positive or spiritual we may try to be on a daily basis, life can get scary sometimes.

We can meditate, pray, wear crystals, have salt baths, do our daily yoga, but there will be times when things go wrong.

Sh*t happens, as they say! It comes with the territory of living in this physical world of duality.

Being spiritual has nothing to do with being in a state of love 24/7. It’s about knowing how to get to a state of love no matter where you are. 

That’s what angels help us do. Unlike Source which is constantly in the vibrational frequency of love, angels can lower their vibration to wherever we are and guide our way home.

Archangel Michael is one of the most powerful archangels to help us do that when we’re feeling scared and vulnerable.

There are countless techniques to working with Archangel Michael online and in books, but I want to share with you my personal process to working with Michael in finding a sense of safety and security.

Melt Into Michael Meditation

To practise this meditation follow these steps:

  1. While in meditation visualise Archangel Michael standing in front of you. His body is ethereal and emanates a powerful royal purple light.
  2. Ask Michael to merge his energy with yours, and visualise his ethereal body melting into, and becoming one with yours.
  3. While Michael’s energy’s merged with yours visualise the purple light that’s now part of you expand outwards and envelope your entire house, family, possessions, and anything else you’d like to protect.
  4. Stay in this state of safety and security for as long as it feels good. When you’re done, thank Michael for his presence, open your eyes, and come out of the meditation.


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