Angel Astrology & Your Life Purpose: An Interview with Yasmin Boland
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What is the relation between Astrology and the Life Purpose

As I see it, the relation between these two is as follows; you come into this life with a purpose. We all do. That purpose is in your birthchart, or your natal astrology chart. Your chart is a map of the heavens for the moment that you were born. It’s like a snapshot of where all the planets were at the moment you incarnated, and it tells us a lot about what you came here to do this life time.

I believe you don’t do x or y because of your birthchart. Rather, I believe you choose your birthdate and therefore your birthchart because your soul has a mission and that mission is reflected in your chart. That’s why some kids are born before their due date and some come late, and some mums take months and months to fall pregnant – the children are waiting for the right time to get the right birthchart!

In your birthchart, there are all sorts of indicators about your life purpose, but the biggest would have to be the North Node. The North Node shows you the thing that you know you should do in order to find happiness. It might not be the easy thing to do, but it’s the thing that will lead you to fulfillment.

Note, that there is also a South Node, and that is indicative of what you did in your most relevant past or parallel life and thus came into this life knowing about. It’s what comes easy for you, where you might be tempted to stay. It’s your comfort zone. Getting away from following your South Node and instead following your North Node is one of the challenges we all face. Following our North Node is when we start to fulfill our life’s purpose.

And what about the relation between angels, astrology and the life purpose?

The angels can help us with everything, including our life purpose. They represent our connection between heaven and earth. They all work with astrology. For one thing, when it comes to figuring out your life purpose, talking to your guiding angel will help. Also, knowing which sign your North Node is in will help a lot as well. For example George, your North Node is in Aquarius so the angel you would talk to in terms of wanting help with your life purpose would be Uriel. Once you know the angel guiding you on your life purpose, obviously, you can talk to them and ask for help when needed.

How can astrology help us find and thrive on our Life Purpose? Can our star sign point us to the right direction?

Looking to the Nodes is the first thing. Your star sign itself can help you to understand yourself, but it’s less useful in helping you to pin down your life purpose. But your Star sign can work in tandem with your Nodes. Stay with me!

For example, it could work like this: Say you are a home-loving Cancerian and your North Node is in ambitious, educated Capricorn (therefore, your South Node is also in Cancer). We could say that teaching (North Node Capricorn) kids (Sun in Cancer) could work for you and could be your life’s purpose. This is a real simplification but it gives you an idea.

Contrariwise, with the same Sun in Cancer, North Node in Capricorn person, we could also say that while being a stay-at-home parent might really appeal to you (Sun in Cancer and South Node in Cancer), getting out and about and having ambitious plans (North Node in Capricorn) would be a better fit for you in terms of allowing you to fulfill your life’s purpose, and to find fulfillment and satisfaction.

To use your chart as an example George, you’re a Leo and have the South Node in Leo and North Node in Aquarius. Very simply, as a Leo you are here to shine, however that’s is not all you’re about. Leos love to be the centre of attention, but with the North Node in Aquarius, a part of your life purpose is to help humanity in some way. That might seem like a tall order, but think about your website and the work you do with Hay House. Both are helping humanity, so already we can see that you are fulfilling a part of your life purpose. There is more to it than this, but this gives you a basic idea, I hope!

In those two examples both the Sun and North Node are in the same sign, but it’s not always like that. Say you’re Gemini with the North Node in Virgo and South Node in Pisces – as Gemini you’re here to learn and communicate. Your North Node in Virgo supports that. Your life purpose could well involve doing something where you need to talk a lot, write, communicate some other way or move around a lot. However, the Virgo influence on the North Node would mean – among other things – that you need to pay attention to the details. You will be happier doing work, for example, where you need to be rather precise. The South Node in dreamier, imaginative Pisces would be a sort of cosmic guide post to you, suggesting you keep things clean and detailed (Virgo) rather than floating off into dreamy, unstructured ways of communicating/working/being (Pisces).

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Yasmin Boland is a popular astrology writer, read by millions of people each week via her columns in magazines and newspapers and on websites around the world. She’s also the author of several books – two novels, one non-fiction work, plus two astrology-series entries – and has been published in Australia, Canada, India, Portugal and the UK.

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