Abraham-Hicks: Is Grid the New Vortex?
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Being an Abraham-Hicks fan for the past three years, I’ve been following their teachings closely, reading their books, watching the seminars religiously and incorporating their teachings in my life through the different games and processes they have been offering. In particular, I was (and still am) captivated by the concept of the Vortex – that feeling of empowerment, joy, enlightenment and pure positive energy. In fact, I got so obsessed with the Vortex that I’ve managed, through endless hours of conversation to obsess my friends with it as well, to the point that we have sort of invented our own secret language of words and phrases related and leading to the Vortex.

It had been quite a long time since I had watched an Abraham seminar online and I had missed that feeling of elation I always get during their seminars, so I was excited when I finally took the time to get back to, what used to be, a weekly habit.

The first segment had passed and I appallingly realized that the word “Vortex” was yet to be used, while “Grid” was becoming quite frequent in Abraham’s teachings. By the end of the seminar, the Vortex seemed to have been ancient history and I felt like my world was falling apart! At first, I had justified its absence to chance, but when after watching the next two seminars nothing seemed to have changed, I panicked.

What was I going to tell my friends? How did that happen? Was it permanent? More importantly, was “The Gird” replacing “The Vortex?” What was the Grid anyway?? I hadn’t really paid much attention to Abraham’s definition of the Grid, mostly due to my denial that the glorious days of the Vortex were probably over. I forced myself to believe that the Grid was something temporal and, as all addicts, I was desperately hanging by Abraham’s words and Esther’s hand signals waiting for the characteristic hand swirling that signifies the Vortex.

In the meantime, I had decided to come clean to my friends and take the post-Vortex shame I deserved for bubbling about it for the last two years, but had also made the decision to give “Grid” a chance. So, in the following seminar I decided to approach it with an open mind and try to understand what it signified as well as comprehend its relationship with the Vortex – if there was one. My open-mindedness was worthwhile for, not only had I fully satisfied my questions, but I also gleefully realized that the Vortex still exists!

I have practiced the concept of the Grid for quite some time now and I came to the conclusion that it is one of the easiest and most powerful concepts that Abraham has introduced so far and flows perfectly with the teachings of the Vortex. In fact, I’m writing this article right now as a result of my “Grid filling in” as Abraham says, and I’m exhilarated to share my ideas with you.

The Grid

In Abraham’s own words,

“Grid means basis, it means beginning, it means platform. Imagine a building under construction and first they put the foundation and then they put the frame. The frame is kind of like the grid which will later fill in with all of the detail. So you’ve got this emotional grid that’s filling in with all the details.”

In other words, the Grid is an emotional basis, a general positive feeling that, once you establish, will attract thoughts and experiences to match that feeling and expand it. Establishing an emotional grid sets your point of attraction to a particular positive vibrational frequency that you choose, and gives you an emotional foundation from which to improve and strengthen that point of attraction with like thoughts.

Creating an emotional Grid involves choosing a word, usually an emotional one, and focusing on it for some time until you establish a good flow of similar-feeling thoughts. Establishing an emotional grid with the word “fun” involves concentrating on the word and asking yourself questions like, what does fun mean to me? How do I feel when I experience fun? What is fun? Why do I like having fun?

For example:

I like having fun. Fun makes me feel excited and frisky. I love this feeling of excitement I get when I have fun. Fun, fun, fun, traveling is fun, exploring is fun, swimming is fun, meeting new people is fun, playing is fun; meeting with my friends is fun. I love having fun; I love the feeling of fun. I feel inspired when I have fun, every day is fun for me, adventures are fun, partying is fun, fun, fun, fun.

Up to this point, I have established a basic emotional Grid for “fun” – a vibrational frequency that if I concentrate on for at least 68 seconds, will attract more of the same-feeling thoughts. As you have probably noticed, I have chosen to use general thoughts because, from outside the Vortex, detailed thoughts concerning my desires usually come with resistance. After I’ve established this general, good feeling Grid for “fun,” “the Grid will fill in” with more specific and detailed thoughts. These thoughts will come with no resistance because I’m now attracting them from inside the Vortex.

Ah! Even writing this down got me exhilarated.

In simple words, the Grid is an easy, effective and powerful process for getting into and expanding the Vortex. The key lies in keeping it general first in order to get into the edges of the Vortex and then allow the grid to fill in with the specifics, therefore, allowing the Vortex to drag you in its center. Moreover, since the Vortex is also a ‘space’ in which all of our desires exist in their manifested form, establishing a Grid and letting it fill in with desires, expands the Vortex at the same time.

As a result, the Vortex was never abandoned by Abraham. It was, in fact, expanded and empowered through the metaphor of the Grid. We are in the leading edge of thought and the concept of the Grid was summoned as a result of our asking for more clarity, understanding and self-empowerment. Abraham is simply responding to and expressing these requests and I appreciate each and every one of you for making this expansion of consciousness possible.

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