3 Steps to Releasing Negative Emotions
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As a spiritual person I feel pressure to be positive all the time. I’m constantly cautious about the posts I share on social media, the things I say when I go out with friends, and the general way I’m perceived in the world. I’ve worked hard to create this idea of a strong, positive person and I’m afraid that I’ll disappoint people If I dare share something negative with them.

But when I take a step back and observe my beautifully-decorated altars, affirmation post-its on the wall, and the crystals adorning every single corner of my room, I wonder: Does this pure-positive, all-loving image really represent my reality?

The answer is no, and I’m no longer afraid to admit that. Why? Because like you, like everyone else, I am human.

We need to stop being ashamed of our humanity.

We need to stop pressurising ourselves to be positive all the time, and focus on being real instead.

We need to allow ourselves to feel what our body wants to feel, and use that as a starting point to finding positivity. 

Positivity isn’t really positive when you’re not being real. Conversely, being real in way you feel is what will allow you to see things in a positive way. 

Get real with me in this week’s video, where I share my 3-step process to resolving any negative emotion. Not by suppressing it, but by letting it speak:


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