2012 Paradigm Shift: An Era of Love, Freedom & Self-Empowerment
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Surprise surprise! The world has not ended – we are all alive and thriving like never before. Whereas nobody believed that the world was actually going to end on December 21st, most people are still unaware of the spiritual interpretation behind the infamous date. As you can read in my article How to Prepare for the “End of The World”,the end of the Mayan Calendar had nothing to do with a literal end of the world, but it has instead, a metaphorical meaning. The so-called Cosmic Moment that occurred at 11:11 GMT on December 21st is symbolic of the beginning of a long period of spiritual transformation during which human consciousness will ascend to a new era founded on love, freedom and self-empowerment.

Of course, there won’t be a quantum leap of any sorts but a long period of social, political and economic transformations during which the status quo will be challenged and finally ascend into a more egalitarian state. The three main concepts characterizing this new era are the following:

  1. Self-Empowerment: As a result of the paradigm shift more people will awaken to their spiritual and psychic abilities. Concepts like the Law of Attraction, psychic skills, energy healing and other alternative modalities that have previously been laughed upon or even persecuted are now gaining support in mainstream society. The new paradigm will result in the enhancement and growing popularity of such modalities as more people will discover their ability to take a positive and healthy stance towards their life and consciously create their future.
  2. Love: Many of the world’s religions are based on the premise that we are part of God. The phrase “God created man in his own image” is a Christian example of such a belief. As a result of the spiritual transformation taking place during this new era, more people will awaken to this understanding. People will understand that, even though we are unique individuals with unique characteristics and personalities we are all connected into a single stream of Source energy; we are flames of the same sun, so to speak. This realization will liberate humanity and, when the shift is complete we will all be living in the truth of unconditional love.
  3. Freedom: The amalgamation of love, oneness, the Law of Attraction, psychic skills, and the general awakening of people to spirituality brought upon by the new paradigm will result in an insurmountable sense of freedom. As people awaken to their full spiritual potential they will have all the tools they need to free themselves from fear of control and victimization. Equipped with the power of love and the knowledge of the laws of the universe we will gain control over our life-experience and follow our dreams with much more vigour and assurance; trusting in our power to thrive, pushing the boundaries of consciousness and expanding that which we all are.

Change is always faced with fear and resistance the leads to frustration and overwhelment. If all this information is too much for you to take in all at once, don’t panic. The information offered here as well as in my two previous 2012-related articles, How to Prepare for the “End of The World” and Channeling Archangel Michael for 2012, has come as a result of my own personal research and meditations on the subject. As a result, I’ve composed a list of my favourite resources relating to the paradigm shift. If the information suggested here resonates with you, then you are most probably going to enjoy exploring the following resources. They are all very loving and they will guide you to safely venture into the new paradigm with flying colours.

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