What 1112 and Other Angel Number Un-Synchronicities Mean

Have you ever experienced a number un-synchronicity?


In my article This is Why You Don’t See the Signs I suggested that effective communication with your angels calls for letting them know of the signs you want them to send. I went on to explain that I personally communicate with my angels through the use of number synchronicities, such as 111, 222, 555 etc.

Although the meaning of number synchronicities is widely taught and documented, there’s little said about the meaning of number un-synchronicities – having just missed a number synchronicity. In other words, haven’t you experienced checking the time to see 11:12 or 22:23? If only you’d checked it a few seconds before you’d have gotten your angel sign and you’d know you were on the right path…

Help Was Already Given

What’s the significance of having just missed a sign? Is this a sign, too? If it is, is it positive or negative?

While pondering these questions I started paying attention to the emotional state I’m in when I experience number un-synchronicities, looking for a pattern. It didn’t take me long to realize that they always occurs when I was vibrating in the low emotions of frustration, overwhelm, and uncertainty. These are times when I let fear get hold of me, and lose my alignment with my Divine Self. Rather than trusting in God’s Divine plan for me, I instead depend too much on my ego and try to control every aspect of my life.

Having made this correlation I heard the angels whisper in my ears:

“Number un-synchronicities mean that help was already given to you but you’re not allowing yourself to receive it.”

In other words, whenever you’re trying to play God by controling circumstances, the angels are there to remind you that all was already taken care of. The number un-synchronicities are gentle reminders that the perfect path to your life purpose was already carved for you, and you are on it; but if you keep doubting it you may stray away from it.

Next Time it Happens, Do This

The next time you experience a number un-synchronicity, pause and ask yourself: How am I standing in the way of God’s perfect path for me?

Consider your actions. Are you trying too hard to control situations? Do you have a fixed idea about how you want things to unfold? Consider your emotions. Are you feeling fearful and overwhelmed? Would you describe your state of being as expansive or contractive?

By being mindful of your thoughts and emotions you hold the space for your fears to express, so you can eventually release them. The simple act of becoming aware of your misalignment with your Divine Self is enough to reinstate it.


  • Lucas

    dear george, very interesting topic! i have definitly experienced these. i usually thought about them as “almost alignment”. what you write about it makes a lot of sense though. by the way, in the moment of starting to write this comment, i got a 08:08 – nice! 🙂
    definitly need to buy one of those angel number books so i can understand more specific messages.
    enjoy your day! 🙂 lucas

    • WOW! What a great number synchronicity to cofirm what I say about number un-synchronicities. 🙂 This is wonderful, Lucas. Your take on what they mean is also correct. When you see 11:12 that means you are almost aligned to your Divine Self, and therefore, you cannot see the help that was given to you. To experience that help, you need complete alignment!

      Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day.

      George x

  • Micky

    Hi Lucus!

    I have been getting 1112, 1121, 556 and 665 lately. I kept wondering why I was seeing these numbers with just one number off. I do have to say that your article definitely makes sense and resonates with me.

    I have been wondering if I was on the right path lately and had been asking my angels for assistance when I would get these numbers shown to me. I have been feeling off track and have had a lot of worry lately as I am thinking of making a big change in the relationship department. Maybe this is telling me no. Anyway, thanks for the article!

    • Micky

      I meant George! Lol. Sorry!

    • Hey Micky.

      Thank you for reading, and for your comment. In my experience, when I get these number un-synchronicities it’s because I’m disconnected from my Divine Self in some way, thus blocking the flow of clear guidance. Next time you witness this, go within and try to identify what emotion you’re feeling, as well as where in your body you’re feeling it. Then interrogate that emotion and try to find out why it’s there… By giving it attention you’ll release it, and re-gain your alignment.

      I look forward to hearing about your adventures with this! Please, let me know how it goes. 🙂

      George x