Energy Marketing



Energy Marketing is an online, pre-recorded, two-hour workshop where I'll teach you the exact processes that I use to market my products and services energetically and telepathically before I do any traditional marketing work.

In this online, two-hour workshop you will learn how to:

  • Use telepathy to communicate your offerings to your ideal clients before you put them out there
  • Activate your vibrational magnetism to attract people that resonate with your work and offerings
  • Practise the manifestation process I use before I sell my workshops and courses to ensure they sell out
  • Access your Akashic Records in a future-life progression to choose your brightest business reality
  • Use spiritual transmission to energetically reach out to specific people, influencers, and organisations

By the end of the workshop you'd have added revolutionary spiritual tools, processes, and meditations to your spiritual toolkit that you can use immediately to magnetise an inflow of high-paying clients and opportunities to your spiritual business.  

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