A 90-Minute Workshop of Spiritual Tools to Protecting Against Negative People and Energy

Have you been psychically attacked before?  

Psychic attack occurs when someone sends you an intense wave of negative emotion, usually anger or jealousy, either consciously or unconsciously. Just like physical attack, it hurts physically, emotionally, and mentally. The effects of it can last for as long as an hour to months, depending on the intensity of the attack. 

Here are the most common symptoms of psychic attack:  

  • Fatigue, Exhaustion 
  • Headaches 
  • Feeling cold 
  • Unexpected physical pain 
  • Having nightmares 
  • Dizziness 
  • Feeling like you can't breathe 
  • Unexpected depression 
  • Having mood swings 

There are many levels of psychic attack. Some of them are subtle, but work in subversive ways to drain your energy and leave you feeling depleted.  

The most common ones are:

  • Cords of attachment to people, things, places, and past lives
  • Low level spirits feeding off of your energy
  • Psychic daggers of jealousy and anger
  • Collective thought patterns and energy

The most popular tool for protecting against psychic attack is shielding yourself with white light, but it may no longer be sufficient…. 

Our world has become increasingly interconnected, meaning that we interact with more people daily than we used to, both in real life and on our social media platforms.

Simultaneously, more and more people are becoming aware of their psychic abilities and the potential of using energy in a conscious way. Although most spiritual seekers use their intuitive skills as a force for good, many don’t… 

As a result, we’re more vulnerable to psychic attack now than ever before. The old-school white light bubble method may no longer be enough to protect us against the immensity of energy we’re exposed to daily.  

That’s why I created Advanced Psychic Protection, a 90-minute workshop of advanced spiritual tools to protecting against negative people and energy. By the end of the workshop you'd have released all forms of psychic attack, and filled your spiritual toolkit with tools to protecting yourself. 


During this 90-minute online workshop you will... 

  • Understand how psychic attack works, the three types of psychic attack and how to recognize them, and why old-school protection methods may no longer work.

  • Learn the three essential steps of psychic self-protection

  • Meet your Elemental Protection Guardian and work together to release psychic attack and protect against negative people and energy

  • Work with the Fire Dragons in a powerful clearing journey to releasing long-term negative attachments

  • Go on a past-life regression to meet your Warrior Self and receive your personal psychic weapon

And much more...

By the end of the workshop, you'd have released all current psychic attack, and filled your spiritual toolkit with advanced protection techniques and processes to prevent future attacks.  


“I recommend George for anyone who wants to turn their home into a sacred place. We were blessed to have him come and give a house clearing (which felt more like a house blessing!) and are still feeling the results.”  

Rebecca Campbell, Bestselling author Light is the New Black, and Rise Sister Rise 


“My living space was feeling heavy and stagnant, my husband and I weren’t sleeping well and the cat was crazy a LOT of the time. I purged the things I no longer needed, I smudged and filled it with crystals, yet it still felt dark every time I entered. George, through careful questioning, was able to get to the root cause of the darkness within ten minutes of us both talking – that’s how good this dude is.  

I’m struggling to find words to describe the magic that George creates in his space clearing sessions, but just know that it IS magic. Hours after the session, I returned to the house and the cat was asleep in the living room and didn’t even stir when we walked through the door, our sleep is much better and undisturbed and I actually love working from home now. George is not only a magician when it comes to space clearing, he should also add ‘calming cats’ to his job description too!”

Lisa Lister, Bestselling author of Witch and Love Your Lady Landscape  

"Thanks for the awesome workshop. I felt so free at the end! Turned out, even with my regular shielding and clearing I still had many attachments! I now have so many more tools to use, which is life changing for an empath like me.  

It was such an amazing journey, I had not worked with elementals before so was surprised during the meditation to see 3 dragons at the start and then a winged horse appear as my elemental guardian who said “I am Pegasus”. He used his wings to fan golden light at me to free the attachments.  

My past life took me back to a time I was a gypsy fortune teller. I was a very strong confident person and gifted myself a stone. I asked if it was a crystal but was told it was a scrying stone. I had heard of scrying but not of the use of a stone so I looked it up and was intrigued. I now feel called to retrieve these skills so will try out your other workshop."

Kellie Fraser, London  

"I did the replay workshop last night, oh wow! Amazing meditation - I'm not the best meditator, but I sunk right into that one - I think it helps when you feel safe with the person guiding you through it. So thank you for being you.  

I believe I connected with my Warrior Self - I felt she was connected to the fairy realm, although not a fairy as such. She handed me a large clear quartz crystal, a cluster of points which seemed to glow in a magical way - that was to be my warrior weapon for protection. This morning when I was practicing with the "I AM" and then her name affirmation, I kept getting Freya in my head as her name. I've since googled "Goddess Freya" and she existed!  

Yesterday, I met a friend for lunch. I’m not always good at walking into public places on my own, so I stood by my car for a minute and did some deep breathing and said with a bit of power "I AM FREYA". Wow! I suddenly felt myself stand taller, felt grounded and had a sense of amazing inner strength."  

 Tina Reyneke, USA  

“Thank you, Georgie for that incredibly powerful psychic protection workshop. The visualizations were so vivid for my regression and the tools that were transferred really help! Also, I feel a cathartic release from a lot of ongoing negativity, that 360 approach to vieweing cords - WOW!!! I also feel like my aura got strengthened and I slept so well post the class. I feel a lot clearer and balanced and have additional methods to keep myself shielded. Loved the dragon cord cutting and just the flow of the class! Thanks again and all my love, always! You are a splendid teacher."  

Sneha Trikha, India

“George, thank you for the Advanced Psychic Protection workshop! After watching, I realized so much of my fatigue from work may not solely be coming from the physical, but from the psychic attacks too. Gossiping is so prevalent in my work circle and those in power often send attacks to others and talk behind our backs. No wonder why I've got daggers behind my back, right where the angelic wings would be at! It's like they've clipped my wings and I didn't even know; I just felt so tired after work and thought I was just drained from a whole day of concentration and physical work, like every "normal" adult would.

But I'm so glad to have met my past life warrior self who's so wise and powerful, and could simply lift the daggers out from my back with her mind! She's like a mystic living alone somewhere in a forest, with animals like wild rabbits and friendly wolves as friends. She's very powerful and connected to energy work, like those in the movies who can do everything simply with thoughts and intentions. In fact, I think I've had her in me all along in this current lifetime. So, when she taught me about how to protect myself, I connected with the tools and the energy instantly. I'll be using the protection techniques when I go to work tomorrow."

Karen Yeung, Hong Kong



This workshop is right for you if...

  • You've shielded yourself with white light (and other lights) for a while but you feel it's no longer fully protecting you against negative energy

  • You've tried basic psychic protection processes such as working with Archangel Michael, dagger lifting and cord cutting, and you'd like to up your protection game

  • You often experience at least two of the psychic attack symptoms mentioned earlier

  • You feel called to share your message publically but are afraid of being judged and psychically attacked by others

  • You already are a spiritual professional (i.e.healer, medium, intuitive) and you'd like to learn advanced processes to protecting yourself

Important: This workshop is not right for you if you're a beginner in psychic protection (i.e. you've never protected yourself using basic shielding techniques)


What kind of psychic tools will I learn? 

During the workshop you will learn psychic processes, mudras, meditations, as well as work with spirit guides and your past-life selves, to both clear current, and protect against future, psychic attack from other people. You can't find these processes anywhere else, as I've created them myself over the 10 years I've been teaching psychic protection. 

Will I have control during the past-life regression? 

A past-life regression is no different than a deep state of meditation, with the only difference that you’re being guided to go back in time and explore a past life. The past-life therapist (myself) has no control over you or your body. You have full control at all times, and you can easily open your eyes and walk away if you wish.  

What happens after I enrol?

As soon as you enrol you'll be directed to a Thank You page with the workshop's Access Link. The workshop has already been completed, so you'll be receiving the link to the replay. 

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions, feel free to get in touch with me privately on Instagram (@georgelizos) or join my Private Facebook Group Your Spiritual Toolkit

Your Host

George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, and the author of Be The Guru. George trained in psychic protection as part of his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Metaphysical Sciences, and he has been teaching people how to protect themselves from psychic attack for over 10 years.