About Me

There is nothing more liberating than self-empowerment – the ability to be your own coach, motivator, and guru!

It is my purpose, to provide you with spiritual tools and concepts that will empower you to be your own spiritual teacher, to find and thrive on your life purpose.

God doesn’t make people just for the sake of it.

You were born with a very specific mission, which is crafted after your unique blend of skills, talents, abilities, and personality. Although you were born knowing this mission, you got carried away by life’s dramas and forgot about it. You lost your connection to the unconditionally-loving, eternally-happy, purposeful being that you really are.

And then you made all the wrong choices…

You married the wrong people, went for the wrong jobs, made the wrong friends, and settled for a mediocre life.

Currently, you are paralyzed by self-doubt, taken back by lack of self-confidence, and you are co-dependent on other people’s opinions about you. Deep down you know you are here for something big, and although you may know what it is, you are too scared to go for it.

I know how it feels.

For my entire life I’ve searched for purpose in all the wrong places. I let my happiness depend on other people’s judgments, I bullied myself, doubted my worthiness, sabotaged my success, and tried to mould myself into a stereotype that I believed would bring me happiness and success.

When I tried everything and failed, I almost took my own life…

Fortunately, at my darkest moment I decided to see the light. I chose to let go of the self-judgment and learn to love me exactly as I was.

Ten years of studying and practicing spiritual concepts and modalities later, I now live the life of my dreams! I work at a popular metaphysical book publisher and run a successful coaching practice, both of which help me fulfil my purpose of helping people free themselves from co-dependency and become their own source of love, happiness and fulfilment.

Nothing would make me happier than to help YOU do the same.

Sign up and I’ll show you how.



George Lizos is a Spiritual Life Coach and the author of Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher. George’s work draws from a variety of spiritual modalities to help people free themselves from co-dependency and become their own source of love, happiness, and fulfilment.

He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Metaphysical Sciences, a Bachelors of Science in Human Geography and a Masters of Science in Business Management. He is accredited by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Intuitive, Realm Reader, Fairyologist and Assertiveness Coach, by Denise Linn as an Elemental Space Clearer, he’s Certified Reiki Master, and an ordained priest to Hellenic Polytheism.

George has been published by several print and online publications, such as Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit, and Prediction Magazines, The Numinous, The Daily Guru, and Higher Selfie.