A Guided Journey to Release Negative Entities from Your Aura and Reclaim Your Life

Do you have any the following symptoms?

  • Insomnia and nightmares
  • Feeling exhausted and fatigued
  • Feeling empty and disheartened
  • Experiencing abrupt changes in mood and behavior
  • Exhibiting addictive and obsessive behaviors
  • Facing a long series of ailments that never clear up even after treatment

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, then you may be dealing with a type of psychic or spirit attachment.

Spirit attachment is a mild form of psychic possession during which an entity attaches to a person’s aura and influences their behavior. Similar to psychic possession, attachment occurs when there’s a vulnerability in the person’s energy field. This allows an outside entity to hook into a person’s aura, draining their life force and influencing their thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Vulnerabilities in the aura can be caused by various factors. The most common ones include drug or alcohol abuse, addictions and codependent relationships, illness and surgery, periods of great stress, exhaustion, trauma, and depression. Other causes can be using a Ouija board, meddling in psychic activities and modalities without proper training, consuming psychotropic drugs and herbs, and involvement in black magic and other dark spiritual arts.

These factors can create tears or holes in the aura, allowing entities to attach, siphon off your life force energy, meddle with your thoughts, and sabotage your life.

Some of the most common entities that can attach to your aura are:

  • Low-level entities or astral entities
  • Earthbound souls
  • Demonic entities
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Psychically-charged objects

My Spirit Attack Story

Spirit attacks and attachments are very real, and unless cleared, they can create serious harm in people’s lives. A common avenue through which certain entities can attack you is via your dreams. A couple of years ago, I kept having daily nightmares of someone chasing and wanting to harm me. At first, I brushed it off as “just a dream” until things got very real and scary. On the third night of having the same dream, the person chasing me eventually caught me and bent down to bite me on my belly.

In that moment, I jumped out of bed, screaming with searing pain. As I turned to look at my belly, I saw clear bite marks on my skin. I realized that rather than just a dream, I had been attacked by a low-level astral entity, probably a demonic one.

Equipped with my energy protection toolkit, I swiftly used practices and modalities to clear the attachment, heal the vulnerabilities in my energy field, and restore my safety.

Unless you properly scan and clear your aura of spirit and psychic attachments, then you’re giving permission to foreign entities to interfere with the ways you think, feel, and behave. Most importantly, you’re allowing external entities to deplete your energy, sabotage your dreams, and keep you from following your purpose.

Spirit Attachment Clearing is a 60-minute psychic clearing session where I will guide you in identifying the spirit attachments currently obstructing your aura. Through potent spiritual practices, we will cleanse and restore your energy field, empowering you to take control of your energy and life.

Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Identify Spirit Attachments Clogging Your Energetic Field

You’ll learn a process to activate your 360-degree psychic vision, scanning your body and aura to compile a comprehensive list of spirit attachments that are impeding your energy flow.

– 2 –

Cleanse Your Body and Aura with Potent Healing Practices

I will guide you through a journey that involves utilizing spiritual practices, elemental processes, and healing frequencies. These techniques will help you release all negative entities and reset your energy to its optimal state.

– 3 –

Strengthen Your Energy Field with Sacred Geometry and Healing Frequencies

We will utilize the ancient healing symbols of the Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius, alongside the Healy frequency device. This combination will help heal aura tears and holes and strengthen your energy field, counteracting the harm caused by spirit attachments.

– 4 –

Shield Your Energy with Personalized Energy Shields

There is a wide array of energy shields at your disposal to safeguard your energy as you move forward. I will introduce you to various types of energy shields and guide you through a practice to determine the ideal combination that suits you best.

By the end of this 60-minute workshop, you’d have cleansed your body and aura from all toxic spirit attachments, healed and strengthened your energy field with powerful shields and frequencies, and learned powerful processes that you can use to protect your energy moving forward.

Sign up for just £19 ($22) now to clear negative entities from your aura and reclaim control of your life!

“Thank you so much for the psychic clearing session with you this week, it was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe how quickly you accessed the information and identified the blocks and energy daggers. Gosh, there was some toxic stuff! It makes no wonder that I felt so ‘stuck’ in particular areas of my life. I loved how you identified which chakras were blocked so that these can be the focus for clearing.”

Jo Blake


“George really helped me clear the blocks that were affecting my ability to just be. The effect was immediate, after two days of headaches, emotional release and aches in my body, I felt better than I had in years. I also felt more grounded and more comfortable in my own body. I can’t thank George enough for his work and kindness.”

Katherine Shenton


You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • A deep sense of relief, as you will have released negative spirit attachments that you may have had for years!
  • Safe and protected, as you will have strengthened your energy field with light and healing frequencies that shield you from spirit attacks moving forward.
  • High-vibe and aligned. By releasing dark spirit attachments, upgrading your energetic software, and raising your vibration, you will feel aligned with Source and your inner being.

Sign up for just £19 ($22) now to clear negative entities from your aura and reclaim control of your life!

A Personal Invitation From George…

Hi lightworker, 

In my experience, spirit attachment is very prevalent. In many psychic clearing sessions I’ve done, I’ve witnessed, and had to remove, low-level spirits, and sometimes earthbound souls, that were latched onto people’s auras, sometimes for years, messing up their psyche.

I’ve personally identified and released multiple entities from my own energy field that I’d attracted during my college years while I was getting drunk and partying in bars and clubs, as well as during my early-life depression and almost-attempted suicide.

Unless you consciously tune in to cleanse these external spirit attachments, they’ll lower your vibration and prevent you from living the abundant and purposeful life you deserve to have.

Join me as I guide you through a powerful clearing journey to remove the dark entities that may be depleting your energy and controlling your life.

I’m excited to see you there,

George x


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