A 90-Minute Online Workshop to Retrieve Past Life Skills, Talents, and Knowledge

You are not just your current life.

You are all the lifetimes you’ve ever had.

As you step into the identity of your eternal self, all the skills and knowledge you’ve attained in past lifetimes become available to you right now.

Consider all the magical lifetimes you’ve had, and the skills you’ve developed as a result:

  • Meditation
  • Magick Making
  • Herbalism
  • Channeling
  • Divination
  • Mediumship
  • Astral Projection
  • Energy healing

And so much more!

Doesn’t it suck spending entire lifetimes mastering skills and gaining spiritual knowledge, only to have it all erased at the end of that lifetime and start again from zero?

It needn’t be this way. It was never supposed to be this way…

With spiritual awakening comes the realisation that you’re one with all of life.

You realise that all the skills and wisdom you’ve learned in past lifetimes are available to you right now, and it’s just a matter of allowing yourself to remember them.

Ask yourself: What skills, talents, or knowledge would allow you to live your best and most fulfilling life?

Consider the impact you could make in the world if you were able to fully retrieve these skills.

Imagine the lives you could help change and the positive results you’d create in the world, if you allowed yourself to see and embody the whole of you. The Eternal You.

Retrieve Past-Life Skills, is a 90-minute online workshop and past-life regression helping you identify and retrieve past-life skills and knowledge you’ve attained in your many lifetimes.


Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Safely Experience One or More of Your Past Lives

You’ll learn your name, how you looked, what you did for a living, and how you used your spiritual/intuitive skills.

– 2 –

Retrieve a Number of Past Life Skills, Talents, Abilities, or Knowledge

You’ll retrieve the energetic knowing and muscle memory of skills and talents you’ve already started learning or have mastered in your past lives. This will allow you to develop them faster and more effectively in this lifetime.

– 3 –

Get Clarity on Your Life and Soul Purpose

Your soul purpose is a purpose fulfilled over a series of lifetimes, while your life purpose is a step towards fulfilling your soul purpose. By exploring your past lives, you’ll gauge the stage you’re at to fulfilling both purposes.

– 4 –

Release Past Life Blocks, Wounds, and Traumas

By exploring your past lives you may come across traumatic experiences that created blocks for you in the current lifetime. We’ll use powerful energetic processes to heal and release these.

– 5 –

Speed Up Your Ascension Journey!

I’ll guide you through a process of attuning yourself to the frequencies of your Master Lives (past lives during which you had mastered a certain skill), so that you can speed up your spiritual growth.

Get instant access for just £29 ($39) now, to explore your past lives and retrieve skills, talents, and knowledge that’ll speed up your ascension journey.

“George has a real talent for breaking complex spiritual concepts down and providing practical tools that are easy to use in your day-to-day life.”

Rebecca Campbell

Bestselling author of Light is the New Black and Letters to a Starseed

“George Lizos is a true spiritual teacher. He comes from the heart and has ways of connecting with spirit that are as surprising as they are powerful. I truly believe you are lucky to have found him!”

Yasmin Boland

Bestselling author of Moonology

The benefits of retrieving past life skills

The benefits of retrieving past life skills are innumerable, but here are the most important ones.

Retrieving past life skills will help you: 

            • Fine-tune the practice of these skills in your current life
            • Finally master abilities you’ve been developing for lifetimes!
            • Serve your clients in a deeper and more impactful way
            • Speed up your spiritual journey of ascension
            • Follow your purpose with confidence and certainty
            • Empower yourself with spiritual wisdom and knowledge

            Get instant access for just £29($39) now, to explore your past lives and retrieve skills, talents, and knowledge that’ll speed up your ascension journey.

            A Personal Invitation From George…

            When I first decided to write my book Be The Guru, I was overcome with massive self-doubt!

            The voices inside my head were booming:

            Who are you to write a book?

            You haven’t lived life, yet.

            You’re not good enough.

            I knew that if I were to write the book and serve my audience in a big way, I had to let these limiting beliefs go. Taking myself on a past-life regression, I accessed a life during which I was a successful author and retrieved the skill of writing.

            Not only did this allow me to be a better writer, but by reclaiming my author past life I also reclaimed the confidence I had in that life. Consequently, my newfound energy could no longer hold these limiting beliefs. They were gone. Poof! 🙂 

            I’m excited to guide your through this workshop, so you can also retrieve your past life skills and step into your magnificence.

            I can’t wait to see you there, 

            George x

            P.S.: Don’t worry if you can’t make it live. You’ll get the replay to keep the following day. 





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