A Psychic Healing Journey to Cut Toxic Cords, Release Past Wounds, and Heal Your Relationships


Healthy relationships start with energy work!

When we experience a fallout with our partner, an argument with a friend, a conflict at work, or altercations with family, our first instinct is often to resolve it cognitively and practically. We talk about it, journal about it, and take physical action steps towards resolving it.

But, we’re not just thinking and acting beings – we’re energetic beings, too! No matter the physical or mental work we do, if we don’t address the energy component, too, we’ll remain stuck. Alternatively, when we first take the time to heal, end, or create relationships energetically, we set the framework for manifesting these relationships in a physical way, too.

Think about your most pressing relationship issues…

  • Not communicating effectively with your partner/s
  • Resenting your parents for their past mistakes
  • Constantly arguing with your friends
  • Dealing with toxic people at work

While talking through these issues with people, going to therapy, and using other self-help practices are essential ways of healing your relationships, things will resolve so much quicker if you first take the time to adjust the energetic cords you have with these people.

Here’s the story of how my client Clara healed her relationship with her mother through energy work:

Clara sought my help to mend her relationship with her mother, who had been emotionally distant during Clara’s childhood. Though her mother didn’t mistreat her, she was frequently absent. This lack of maternal presence left Clara feeling neglected and emotionally unfulfilled.

As an adult, Clara harbored resentment towards her mother, despite her attempts to reconnect. While her mother eventually acknowledged her mistakes and apologized, Clara struggled to let go of the past. Despite their efforts in family therapy and Clara’s personal emotional healing journey, the resentment lingered.

In our psychic healing session, I guided Clara through a process of releasing the energetic residue of her resentment and healing the etheric wounds left by her childhood experiences. Through psychic surgery on the energetic cord between Clara and her mother, Clara experienced a profound release, paving the way for forgiveness. Today, Clara and her mother have resolved their past issues and forged a healthier, more nurturing mother-daughter relationship.

If you’re ready and willing to experience similar healing in your relationships – whether they are romantic, familial, friendships, work-related, or acquaintances – join me for the Relationship Healing online workshop. In this one-hour journey, I’ll guide you to heal existing relationships, cut cords with toxic ones, and create new, supportive ones.


Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Release Relationship Wounds and Traumas Energetically

Past traumatic experiences and conflicts with people leave energetic scars in your body and aura. These scars create energetic PTSD that holds you back from developing healthy relationships. We’ll use healing frequencies and energy-clearing practices to alleviate these wounds.

– 2 –

Heal Cords in Friendship, Family, and Romantic Relationships

After identifying the relationships that are important for you to maintain and nurture, we’ll use psychic surgery practices to heal and harmonize these relationship cords. You’d be surprised how easily hurts and misunderstandings can be resolved when done so energetically.

– 3 –

Cut Cords to Toxic Relationships

We’ll identify cords attached to toxic and unhealthy relationships, both current and past ones, and fully release them using powerful energetic practices. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to maintain these cords cut, so toxic relationships don’t come haunting you back.

– 4 –

Learn Effective Ways to Repel Psychic Attacks

Empaths are exceptionally vulnerable to psychic attacks from toxic or negative people. I’ll teach you advanced energy protection practices to effectively shield yourself from all sorts of negativity.

– 5 –

Create and Nurture Connections to New Supportive Relationships

Relationships are formed energetically first before they manifest physically. You’ll learn how to send out energetic filament “scouts” that help you develop relationships that support your life and purpose.

By the end of this one-hour workshop, you will have cut cords to toxic people, healed existing relationships, learned how to protect yourself from psychic attacks, released past relationship wounds and traumas, and created energetic connections with supportive relationships.

Sign up for just $33 now to cut cords from toxic people, release past wounds, heal your relationships, and manifest supportive ones.

“Thank you, George, for that amazing psychic clearing session! In the past 3 years that I’ve worked with you, this has been the most releasing and clearing. I felt like a tonne of bricks came off me, and I now have more inspiration to keep going, building, and growing in areas which seemed to have been slowing down. Thank you, for always giving it to me like it is and pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

Sneha Trikha


“Thank you so much for the psychic clearing session with you this week, it was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe how quickly you accessed the information and identified the blocks and energy daggers. Gosh, there was some toxic stuff! It makes no wonder that I felt so ‘stuck’ in particular areas of my life. I loved how you identified which chakras were blocked so that these can be the focus for clearing.”

Jo Blake


You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • Relieved and peaceful, as you’d have shed tonnes of weight in relationship hurt and traumas that you’ve accumulated in your life.
  • Light and liberated for finally releasing toxic people and relationships that have been holding you back from enjoying your life and following your purpose.
  • Uplifted and empowered for having energetic practices that you can use to heal potential relationship issues, and attract new relationships that support your journey.

Sign up for just $33 now to cut cords from toxic people, release past wounds, heal your relationships, and manifest supportive ones.

A Personal Invitation From George…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been striving to heal from my childhood traumas. Whether it was forgiving my school bullies, the silent teachers, or my dad’s shaming of my differences, I’ve felt trapped in a cycle of healing efforts.

Despite trying various cognitive healing methods like EFT, journaling, talk therapy, and positive affirmations, I remained stuck in certain relationship issues for far too long. It wasn’t until I incorporated energy work into my healing journey that I noticed a shift. Equipped with psychic healing techniques developed over time, I began altering my energy field, clearing past hurts, and healing energetic cords with others using light and frequencies.

These practices didn’t magically erase past traumas or instantly mend relationships (energy doesn’t work that way). Instead, the energetic transformation laid the groundwork and opened up possibilities for healing and personal growth. It made cognitive work and healing conversations much more manageable. Now, whenever I face a relationship issue, past or present, I start the healing process with energy work. It has greatly eased my life and healing journey, and I’d love to share how you can achieve similar results.

If you’re ready to learn, join me for the Relationship Healing online workshop!

I’m excited to see you there,

George x


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