Be Your Own Guru

Here’s what this means:

You’re a spiritual junkie! Having gone through your spiritual awakening, you’ve dived into EVERY spiritual topic that’s popped up and are taking it all in. You’re like a kid in a candy store – wanting it all and wanting it now.

Although you’re fascinated by all spiritual things, you haven’t yet found a grounded practice that’ll help you evolve spiritually. Yes, you’ve dabbled in many practices, but you lack direction and focus. Simultaneously, although it’s hard to admit it, you’re also a bit dependent on the books you read and the spiritual teachers you follow, which prevents you from finding wisdom within.

You want a step-by-step framework that’ll tell you exactly what to practice, how to practice it, and when to do so, to grow spiritually and become your own source of support and guidance. You’re ready to channel your enthusiasm into a grounded spiritual practice that helps you deepen your connection and lead you to your purpose.

You cannot become the guru because you already are the guru. The aim is to remember and embody it fully.


And I’m here to help!

Hi, I’m George! I’m a three-times #1 Amazon bestselling author and the creator of Intuition Mastery School®. I help lightworkers and intuitives find their purpose, develop their intuitive abilities, and create positive change in the world. 

Here’s how to become your own guru:



Having a daily spiritual practice that’s consistent, joyful, and at least 15-minutes long, is the key first step to becoming your own guru. Choose three activities that help you connect to your joy and commit to practising them daily.



There are different types of meditation, but a mindfulness-based meditation is ideal when it comes to finding wisdom within. It’ll help you clear your mind from thought and tune within so you can raise your vibration to the frequency of your inner guru.



It’s easy to get distracted by pretty crystals and fancy spiritual practices. However, being on a spiritual path also has to do with releasing the fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back. Be open to facing your fears, feeling your emotions, and doing the work needed to release unhealthy habits and beliefs. This way, you’re clearing the path to finding your inner guru.

Being your own spiritual teacher, or guru, is the ultimate form of self-empowerment. The guru is not dependent on anything or anyone for love, happiness, or wisdom. Any external source of these qualities is merely an addition to what he already knows, feels and practices.

Are you ready to become your own guru?


Get Be The Guru to Become Your Own Spiritual Teacher!

In the book, you’ll learn a step-by-step process of setting up your spiritual practice, doing the inner work, developing your intuition, and mastering manifestation, so you become your own guru.

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew how to effectively protect your energy:

You start your day with your spiritual practice. Rather than mindlessly follow guided meditations or ritual instructions you’ve pieced together from books and online freebies, you have a practice that’s unique to your spiritual interests, personality, and life purpose. By the end of your practice, you feel centred, aligned, and ready to take the day.

When you inevitably get triggered during the day, you have a toolkit of practices that you can use to get to the root cause of the matter, heal the underlying fear, trauma, or limiting belief, and bring yourself back home. Rather than spiritually bypass with crystals and positive affirmations, you’re willing and able to do the inner work and grow from your experience (and then use the crystals and affirmations!)

Your spiritual practice allows you to progressively strengthen your connection to your inner wisdom, and eventually focus on more advanced spiritual modalities. You learn to access your intuitive abilities, strengthen your energy field, and consciously manifest your desires.

Most importantly, although you still read books and follow other teachers, you no longer depend on them. Instead, they are complementary to your own wisdom.

This is what being your own guru looks like!

Being your own guru is about finding all the love, wisdom and support you need, within you. This is the key to following your purpose and creating change in the world.

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