Intuitive Healer

Here’s the meaning behind your magic:

You’re a sensitive empath who can easily tune into people’s energy. People are drawn to you for your natural healing abilities and they always leave an interaction with you feeling uplifted! Although you enjoy being of service, this often leaves you feeling drained or overwhelmed.

You’re highly attuned to your own body and energy and receive intuitive messages through feelings and sensations. You’ve probably trained in Reiki and other hands-on healing modalities, and are passionate about helping yourself and others heal physical, cognitive, and emotional imbalances through your abilities.

You want to master your intuition and become the healer you were destined to be! You’re ready to drop your self-doubt, learn how to protect your energy during sessions, and use your own body as an oracle to give powerful healing sessions that change people’s lives.

Your intuitive qualities include:

  • You’re an empath who can easily pick up on people’s energy.
  • You can easily spot physical blockages in yourself and others.
  • You have healing hands, and you often use them to send light.
  • You tend to receive intuitive guidance via feelings and sensations.
  • You’re good at understanding people’s complex emotions and experiences. 

As you better understand your intuition style, you’ll learn more about how to develop your skills and reach your intuitive potential.

Understanding your intuition style will help you develop the skills that will allow you to make the biggest impact with your abilities. 


And I’m here to help!

Hi, I’m George! I’m a three-times #1 Amazon bestselling author and the creator of Intuition Mastery School®. I help lightworkers and intuitives find their purpose, develop their abilities, and create positive change in the world. 

Here’s how to strengthen your intuitive healing abilities:



Your third eye is the control centre of your intuition. When it’s cleansed, open, and activated, it can easily receive guidance from Source and your inner being. Conversely, when it’s stuck and closed, it can prevent you from getting in touch with your intuition.

Cleansing and activating your third eye chakra will help you accurately scan yours and your clients’ energies during healing sessions.



We usually receive intuitive guidance through our five senses. Although we all can receive guidance from all senses, there usually is one or two that’s most dominant.

Knowing your intuition language will help you receive accurate guidance about your clients in sessions, so you can best guide the healing process.



When you receive intuitive guidance your body agrees with it. You’ll feel an expansive, positive feeling within your body. When the guidance comes from your ego, you’ll feel a negative feeling and your body contracting. Because you’re highly attuned to your body, this rule of thumb will help you know if a message you receive comes from your ego or your intuition.

I believe that consistent work beats talent! No matter where you are on your intuitive journey, you have what it takes to become one of the best intuitives in the industry. You just need a framework and the passion to go for it.

Are you ready to master your intuition?


Reserve your FREE seat to the challenge and master your intuitive abilities.

Imagine what it would feel like if you were among the top intuitives in the world…

Your client walks into the room, or pops up on a Zoom call, and you feel calm, confident, and connected. Just by looking at them you’re able to tell what’s going on, what they’re experiencing, and what guidance they need. Their spirit guides step in to guide the session and you’re excited for what’s to come! You have a process that works and you trust that whatever comes through is exactly what your client needs.

The healing session begins – your words speak to your client’s soul and your hands know exactly where to go to. Tears run down your client’s cheeks as you instantly reach for what’s been troubling them, delivering powerful truths and heartfelt guidance that shifts them on a deep level.

When the healing session is over your client is glowing. They feel in-awe of what they witnessed; empowered, uplifted, and changed. You feel honoured to have been able to help them make a real, positive impact in their lives, and are reminded, once again, why you do this work.

This is what intuitive mastery looks like.

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