A Proven, 60-Minute Process to Defining You Purpose in Two Paragraphs or Less

When I ask lightworkers what their life purpose is I usually hear: 

“My life purpose is to help make the world a more loving and peaceful place” or “I’m here to help people heal.” 

If you’ve just nodded reading these two statements agreeing that this is your purpose too, then you don’t really know what your purpose is… 

Changing the world is lightworkers’ collective purpose.  

Your life purpose is much more specific than that.  

Honing in on it isn’t as hard and frustrating as you’ve made it out to be. It’s easy and effortless, when you’ve got the right tools. 

Right now, you’re probably thinking one or more of the following:

  • “Since I was young, I knew that I was supposed to do something big in the world. I thought I’d know when I’m older, but the older I get the more confused I feel.”
  • “I love SO many things; I have SO many ideas; so, I don’t know which of them is my purpose. I get overwhelmed and end up acting on neither.”
  • “I’m tired of working a soul-draining job, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to support myself financially if I do what I really love.” 

As a result, you feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed. You’re constantly pressured by your loved ones to settle for a “normal” job, and yet there’s nothing normal about you.  

Consequently, you feel stuck, you freeze, you stay idle, and you watch your life go by dreaming for the day that things will change for you.  

The honest truth is, things will never change for you if you don’t take action towards that. Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

Luckily, I have something that may just help you get the results you want! 

I’ve been obsessed with the concept of the life purpose ever since I can remember. I’ve read books, done courses, meditated on it, asked my guides for it, and eventually I stumbled upon the perfect combination of tools, processes, and meditations that helped me get crystal clear on it.  

Here’s what I mean by crystal clear. This is the definition of my purpose: 

“I help lightwokers overcome fears and limiting beliefs that prevent them from finding and following their life purpose, through transformational spiritual processes, healing journeys, and intuitive guidance. I run a 100% virtual business and I’m location-free, which means there’s no limit to the people I can impact, and I can do so from anywhere in the world.” 

Would you like to end up with the same specific definition of your life purpose? 

Then, I’d like to invite you to join me for Life Purpose Blueprint. In this online, 60-minute workshop I’ll guide you through my proven, signature process of finding and defining your life purpose.

Inside this transformational 2-hour workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Learn the 4 Levels of Your Purpose

All lightworkers are born with a unique 4-level purpose that’s quite different from most people. You’ll learn what these are and how to define them 

– 2 –

Define Your Life Purpose in Two Paragraphs or Less

I’ll guide you through a practical, step-by-step framework to define your life purpose in specific terms. You’ll leave the workshop having a solid definition of your mission that feels authentic to who you are.

– 3 –

Activate The Energy of Your Purpose

You’ll go on a meditation journey to meet powerful spirit guides that’ll activate the energy of your purpose, and cord yourself into frequencies of light that’ll speed up its manifestation.

– 4 –

Receive Guidance on Your Next Action Steps

Aside from defining your purpose, you’ll receive intuitive guidance from your spirit guide team, as to the specific action steps you need to take to follow and fulfil it.

– 5 –

Learn a Practical Process to Leave Your Muggle Job and Fully Live Your Purpose

I’ll share with you the process I followed to successfully leave my fulltime job in 2017 and launch a successful spiritual business.

Sign up for just £19 ($22) now to define your life purpose in two paragraphs or less.  

“I loved doing the Life Purpose workshop with George. I clearly discovered my life purpose at the end of the workshop – I kind of already knew, but being able to actually put it into words seemed to give it more purpose, more meaning and a whole lot more power. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m following my purpose and doing my first workshop in my shop to teach what I’ve learnt over the years.”

Tina Stansfield

“Through George Lizos’ class, I found out the elements of how I can live my life purpose: continue sharing from my heart, showing up and sharing myself authentically, PLAYING and creating rather than grinding and hustling. During the unicorn future-life progression I received so many visions! The first one was on the coastline! I could see the beach and a little town by it. This is where I will be based. I saw myself joining a Goddess circle. I saw mostly women, the women I will be working with in my life purpose journey! So unexpected, at least for me, as I’m not really focusing on goddess work; BUT I have dabbled with it in the past. The city is situated atop hills/mountains and so was my house, overlooking the ocean! I even saw my little table where I do garden readings!”

Therese Castro

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • A deep sense of relief, as you’d have finally stopped questioning yourself, and having a clear knowing as to who you came here to be and what you came here to do.
  • Safe and loved, as you’d have met a group of spirit guides who have your back, see your true potential and tirelessly work to help you reach it.
  • High-vibe and aligned. Having defined your life purpose, you’ll be in alignment with your soul’s calling and vibration. You’d have accessed an inexhaustible container of life force energy that’ll drive you to fulfil your purpose.

Sign up for just £19 ($22) now to define your life purpose in two paragraphs or less.

A Personal Invitation From George…

I see you, lightworker. You care about this world. You care about other people. You have a deep yearning, an insatiable desire to help others heal and our planet thrive. In fact, you’ve felt this way ever since you were a little child. You stood out from the crowd like a unicorn in a herd of horses. You were more sensitive than other kids your age. You perceived the world, and people, in different ways. 

You may not have known it then, but you definitely felt it; that you came to this world to fulfil a purpose bigger than yourself and beyond your own personal wellbeing. Of course, you knew then and you certainly know now that you deserve to live a joyful, abundant and purposeful life. However, the desire your soul desperately yearns for goes beyond the personal sphere to encompass the collective wellbeing and ascension of the world.  

Your soul’s yearning is so strong because it’s rooted in hundreds, if not thousands, of incarnations of trials and tribulations, wins and losses, highs and lows, all culminating in this present lifetime where you get to finally make it.  

Lightworker, you’re called to action!  

I can’t wait to guide you through this workshop. 

All my love,  

George x 


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