A Guided Past-Life Regression Journey to Explore Your Lives in Lemuria

Did you have a past life in Lemuria?

Lemuria was an ancient civilization predating Atlantis and existed in a distant epoch of Earth’s history. Its inhabitants possessed a consciousness attuned to spiritual realms, utilizing telepathy and clairvoyance for communication. Born with inherent magical abilities, Lemurians wielded their will and conceptual power to manipulate natural forces.

In the era of Lemuria, nature and life differed significantly from the present day, characterized by a denser atmosphere, more fluid water, and softer Earth crust. Flora and fauna were distinct, with amphibians, birds, mammals, and humans of smaller proportions.

Over time, however, Lemuria experienced a spiritual decline, leading to its eventual submergence beneath the sea. Despite its demise, the souls of Lemurians have reincarnated into subsequent civilizations, shaping human history.

The Lemurians played an important part in building the civilization of Atlantis and later on the ancient world we learned about in history. Today, the Lemurians are incarnating in greater numbers to support the transition Earth is undergoing.

If you’re a lightworker who’s passionate about helping people heal and raising the vibration of the planet, you were likely a Lemurian who’s here to create global change.

Your Lemurian magical abilities include:

  • Telepathy: communication through direct thought transmission, bypassing the need for verbal expression.
  • Clairvoyance: ability to perceive spiritual beings, energies, and phenomena directly, without the need for sensory input.
  • Elemental magic: ability to influence the natural world through willpower and conceptual mastery, effectively harnessing and shaping natural forces.
  • Manifestation power: capacity for conceptualization and the ability to shape reality through thoughts and intentions.

Tapping into and exploring your past lives in Lemuria is an opportunity to access and retrieve these magical abilities, heal past-life wounds and traumas, gain clarity on your life purpose, and develop the confidence you need to become the change-maker you truly are.

Are you ready to explore your Lemurian past lives and retrieve your Lemurian magical abilities? Join me for a 60-minute past-life regression to Lemuria. During this guided journey, you’ll get to explore your past lives there, heal past-life wounds and traumas, gain clarity on your Lemurian purpose, and retrieve past-life skills, talents, and abilities that’ll help you create powerful positive change in the world.

Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Learn about yourself and your many lives in Lemuria

You’ll discover your name, appearance, occupation, utilization of spiritual/intuitive skills, social connections, and family relationships.

– 2 –

Heal past-life blocks that may hinder your progress in your current lifetime

All Lemurians share collective past-life traumas resulting from the fall of Lemuria. By healing these traumas, you’ll embrace your authentic self more fully and fearlessly pursue your purpose.

– 3 –

Identify and retrieve your Lemurian psychic abilities and magical abilities

You are all the lifetimes you’ve lived! When you embrace your Eternal Self, you gain access to the skills, knowledge, and abilities you’ve acquired throughout your numerous lifetimes.

– 4 –

Embody your enlightened Lemurian selves to accelerate your spiritual growth in this lifetime

Remembering your past Lemurian selves will grant you energetic upgrades and impart newfound wisdom, empowering you to make a greater impact in the world.

– 5 –

Unearth exclusive information about Lemuria that cannot be found elsewhere

Through your own psychic research into Lemuria, you’ll access the Akashic Records to uncover secrets and retrieve previously undiscovered knowledge.

By the end of this one-hour past-life regression journey, you will have explored your past lives in Lemuria, healed past-life wounds and traumas, gained clarity on your Lemurian purpose, and retrieved past-life skills, talents, and abilities that’ll help you create powerful positive change in the world.

Sign up for just £27 ($33) now to explore your past lives in Lemuria and retrieve your magical abilities.

“After the regression my heart feels lighter and more at peace. Feelings of guilt I had unknowingly been carrying my whole life it seems have disappeared. Now, I can embark on the next part of my career, which involves healing in a more mainstream way; I feel ready and know I can be of service.” 

Linda Kay


“My visions started as soon as the meditation began. As we started traveling back, my clothing and hair styles started changing to earlier time periods. My hair was almost always in a braid or two, but once it was many ringlets. I was shown always as female in this regression, though that has not always been my gender. Clearly, my experience as a female was important to show in this regression. I’m so happy that I did this regression and obviously got so much from it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this.”  

Narah Kimberly Arrington Minardi


You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • Light and peaceful, as you’d have shed tonnes of weight in hurt, traumas, and limiting beliefs that you’ve accumulated over your Lemurian past lives.
  • Wiser and empowered, as you’d have gained clarity on your Lemurian collective purpose, and retrieved powerful psychic and magical skills that’ll help you live a purpose-driven life!
  • Enlightened and inspired. You’d have gained access to the world’s Akashic Records and received answers about life’s big questions and the Universe’s mysteries.

Sign up for just £27 ($33) now to explore your past lives in Lemuria and retrieve your magical abilities.

A Personal Invitation From George…

When I first decided to write my book Be The Guru, I was overcome with massive self-doubt!

The voices inside my head were booming:

Who are you to write a book?

You haven’t lived life, yet.

You’re not good enough.

I knew that if I were to write the book and serve my audience in a big way, I had to let these limiting beliefs go. Taking myself on a past-life regression, I accessed a life during which I was a successful author and retrieved the skill of writing.

Not only did this allow me to be a better writer, but by reclaiming my author past life I also reclaimed the confidence I had in that life. Consequently, my newfound energy could no longer hold these limiting beliefs. They were gone. Poof! 🙂 

I’m excited to guide your through this workshop, so you can also retrieve your Lemurian past life skills and step into your magnificence.

I can’t wait to see you there, 

George x

P.S.: Don’t worry if you can’t make it live. You’ll get the replay to keep the following day. 


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