A 60-Minute Hypnosis Journey to Manifest Money Easily and Consistently

“I do less and I attract more.”

At the beginning of 2024, I set the goal of embodying this affirmation by the end of the year. As I started writing in my journal, I dreamed about manifesting money easily, effortlessly, and consistently. No hard work. No stress. No struggle. Just an easy flow of increasing income that supports my life and purpose. 

Imagine if… 

You didn’t have to burn yourself out just to get by. 

You had multiple sources of income to create a safety net when you need to take some time off. 

You only did jobs that were fun and genuinely enjoyable, AND supported you financially. 

Your income was constantly increasing.  

Making money was fun, easy, and effortless. 

Take a deep breath and let these intentions sink in. If the dream of manifesting money easily seems like just a pipe dream for you right now, I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible, it’s inevitable; with the right mindset. 

While there are many practices you can use to cultivate a prosperity mindset, my most recent favorite modality has been hypnosis. Over the years, I’ve used hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight, improve my diet, and manifest more money. 

Specifically, ever since I set the intention of doing less and attracting more at the beginning of the year, I’ve been falling asleep to a hypnosis track on financial abundance. Within days, I’ve noticed my outlook on money shifting, my anxiety reducing, and my bank account growing. 

If you’ve never tried hypnosis, here’s a crash course: 

Hypnosis involves guiding someone into a deeply relaxed and focused state, often referred to as a trance. In this state, the person’s mind becomes more open to suggestions, which can help change certain thoughts, behaviors, or feelings. 

Currently, your money mindset is made up of a collection of thoughts and beliefs that have been formed as a result of your life experiences, or what your parents, teachers, and other people taught you about money. A few common beliefs people have about money are the following: 

  • “I have to work extremely hard to earn money. 
  • I don’t deserve to be wealthy. 
  • Money is the root of all evil. 
  • Money is hard to come by. 
  • Having a lot of money is selfish. 
  • I’m not good with money. 

Do any of these ring true for you? If the answer is yes, then we have some work to do, and the Easy Money Hypnosis workshop is just what you need to transform these limiting beliefs into empowering ones. 

Easy Money is a live, online 60-minute hypnosis workshop during which I’ll help you transform your negative money beliefs into empowering ones, so that you can manifest money easily, effortlessly, and consistently. 

Inside this transformational 1-hour workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Learn the seemingly positive money beliefs most people have

These actually rid them of their abundance and keep them from manifesting the money they deserve.

– 2 –

Identify the limiting beliefs you have about money

You’ll learn how to use hypnosis techniques to transform them into empowering ones. 

– 3 –

Go on a powerful, guided hypnosis journey to program your subconscious mind

You’ll program your mind with beliefs that help you magnetize money easily and consistently. (You’ll also get the recording so you listen to it daily for maximum results) 

– 4 –

Align your energy to feel worthy and deserving of abundance

You’ll become a magnet of money-making opportunities.

– 5 –

Use a healing frequencies device to attune your being to the frequency of money, so you can attract it consistently.

By the end of the workshop, you’d have transformed your limiting money beliefs and have programmed your subconscious mind with new, empowering beliefs that’ll help you manifest money easily, effortlessly, and consistently.

Sign up for just £19 (approx. $22) to reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest money easily and consistently.

“George has a real talent for breaking complex spiritual concepts down and providing practical tools that are easy to use in your day-to-day life.”

Rebecca Campbell

bestselling author of Light Is the New Black and the Work Your Light Oracle 

“George Lizos is a true spiritual teacher. He comes from the heart and has ways of connecting with spirit that are as surprising as they are powerful. I truly believe you are lucky to have found him!”

Yasmin Boland

bestselling author of Moonology

You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

Empowered and relieved, as you’d have stopped constantly worrying about money and instead focusing on using the abundance of money you attract to living your best life.

Excited and committed to enjoying your newfound relationship with money! You’ll have a toolkit of energetic practices that you can use to consistently upgrade your money magnetism.

Safe and secure, because you’ll no longer worry about money coming in. You’d have cracked the code to enjoying a consistent flow of money and can finally focus on living a comfortable and fulfilling life, while contributing to the creation of a New Earth. 

Sign up for just £19 (approx. $22) to reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest money easily and consistently.

A Personal Invitation From George…

Lightworker, the more money you have the more positive change you can create in the world!

In my experience, the biggest limiting belief blocking lightworkers from manifesting more money is the false belief that money is not spiritual. This belief is rooted in lifetimes’ worth of abuse, during which we’ve been persecuted by patriarchal forces that used money to control or silence us.   

Although we cognitively know that money is energy and a tool we can use as a force for good, emotionally we still believe that money is the source of all evil, something we shouldn’t have a lot of, or something that’s hard to get.   

What helped me shift my limiting perspective about money is the fact that the more money I have the more change I can create in the world. This works in many ways: more money equals to a more comfortable lifestyle that inspires bigger ideas for projects and books that bring change. More money means I can create more free content for people who can’t afford my paid programmes. More money mean I get to donate to the charities I care about and help make the world a better place. The list goes on.   

How would you use money to create positive change in the world?  

If you’re ready to heal your relationship with money and allow yourself to access the financial abundance you deserve, I’d love to show you how in this workshop.   

Let’s take this journey together!   

All my love,   

George x 

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