A 2-Hour Workshop to Release Your Attachments to Limiting Beliefs, Traumatic Past Lives, and Toxic Relationships

Are fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from following your purpose?

Have you experienced trauma in this or your past lifetimes?

Have you left unhealthy relationship but still feel drained by these people?

In my experience with working with hundreds of lightworkers over the last 10 years as part of my Psychic Clearing sessions, online courses and workshops, I’ve found that to fully release our attachment to limiting beliefs, past-life trauma, and toxic relationships, we need to do so physically, mentally, and energetically. 

This is because our attachments to people, beliefs, and past lives aren’t just physical or mental, they’re also energetic. Although leaving unhealthy relationships and reprogramming your mind are powerful ways to creating change, if you don’t also release your energetic attachment to them, they’ll always limit you, to some degree.

What Are Toxic Cords of Attachment?

These are attachments that you have to people, places, objects, beliefs or past lives, as well as attachments that others have to you. The degree to which these attachments affect us in a positive or negative way depends on the health and quality of that relationship. 

Energetically, these attachments look like etheric cords connecting the various parties together and facilitating this exchange.

There are many different types of toxic cords of attachment, but the main ones are:

  • Relationship cords such as, cords to family members, ancestors, friends and acquaintances, lovers and sexual partners, and strangers.
  • Places you’ve had a negative or traumatic experience at.
  • Limiting beliefs you’ve adopted from family, society, or your ancestors.
  • Past lives – particularly traumatic ones.

In many occasions, toxic cords of attachment manifest as ‘group cords’, in which there are several, interconnected cords between various people, beliefs, and places. 

Cut the Cords is an online workshop during which you’ll get to identify and clear toxic cords of attachment to relationships, limiting beliefs, and past-life traumas. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a list of these toxic cords, the people, beliefs, and past lives they’re related to, and will have released them fully.

Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Identify Toxic Cords of Attachments

Pinpoint the toxic cords of attachments you have, where they’re located in your body, and the relationships, past-life traumas, and limiting beliefs they’re connected to. Identifying them is crucial, as you’ll be able to see how they’ve been wrecking havoc in your life.

– 2 –

Release Toxic Attachments Once and For All!

You’ll go on a deep, psychic clearing meditation journey to fully release these unhealthy attachments. We’ll work with the elemental realms, Greek gods and goddesses, and use powerful energetic tools and rituals.

– 3 –

Heal the Wounds in Your Etheric Bodies

Toxic cords of attachment leave scars and wounds in our energy body and aura, which create mental, emotional, and physical imbalances, as well as allow the original attachment to be re-created. You’ll learn ways of healing and ‘patching up’ these wounds, letting your energy body heal fully.

– 4 –

Create Positive Cords of Attachment

Having released the toxic attachments limiting you, you’ll get to create new cords to positive and empowering beliefs, strengthen the cords to your existing relationships, and attune to collective frequencies that hold the vibration of your life purpose and higher self. This is a brand-new process I’ve channeled, which has helped my private clients speed up their manifestations. You’ll love it!

Enroll for just £29 ($39) now, and liberate yourself from the relationships, beliefs, and traumas that keep you stuck!

“Thank you, George, for that amazing psychic clearing session! In the past 3 years that I’ve worked with you, this has been the most releasing and clearing. I felt like a tonne of bricks came off me, and I now have more inspiration to keep going, building, and growing in areas which seemed to have been slowing down. Thank you, for always giving it to me like it is and pushing me out of my comfort zone.”

Sneha Trikha


“Thank you so much for the psychic clearing session with you this week, it was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe how quickly you accessed the information and identified the blocks and energy daggers. Gosh, there was some toxic stuff! It makes no wonder that I felt so ‘stuck’ in particular areas of my life. I loved how you identified which chakras were blocked so that these can be the focus for clearing.”

Jo Blake


You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • Light and peaceful, as you’d have shed tonnes of weight in relationship hurt, traumas, and limiting beliefs that you’ve accumulated over many lifetimes.
  • Wiser and inspired for learning lifetimes’ worth of soul lessons. You’ll have an awakened perspective on life, other people, and your soul’s journey.
  • Uplifted and connected to Source. You’d have not only released limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, and past life trauma, but also created new, positive cords, and attuned yourself to the frequency of your highest potential. 

Enroll for just £29 ($39) now, and liberate yourself from the relationships, beliefs, and traumas that keep you stuck!

A Personal Invitation From George…

Lasting positive change starts with energy work!

When we realise we’re stuck in a toxic relationship, are held back by limiting beliefs or a past life trauma, we usually try to resolve it using our humanity. 

We end the relationship. We journal about it. We do positive affirmations. In other words, we do the inner work, in a practical or cognitive way…

But, we’re not just thinking and acting beings. We’re energy, too! No matter the physical or mental work we do, if we don’t address the energy component, too, we’ll remain stuck. 

Here’s a story of how I’ve healed a past life toxic cord of attachment that almost cost me my life: 

In a past life, I made a promise to reject my feminine energy after I had someone stab me in the womb and kill the baby I was carrying. From that moment onwards, I vowed to reject my feminine energy and abuse my masculine energy lifetime after lifetime.

As a result, in this lifetime I almost committed suicide because I couldn’t accept my homosexuality (feminine energy), and later on I kept burning myself out by overworking myself, thus, abusing masculine energy.

Having identified and released this cord of attachment I was finally free to find the balance I so longed for, and guide others do so too. 

I’d love to help you heal YOUR toxic cords of attachment, in this workshop. 

I can’t wait to see you there, 

George x





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