Proven Formula to Manifest Your Desires Instantly
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Ask and It Is Given – Abraham-Hicks made it crystal clear that as soon as you desire something, either intentionally or instinctively, you are instantly given its manifestation… in a vibrational form. The question is, how do you turn vibration into physical manifestation? Most importantly, how do you do that fast? Is instant manifestation even possible?


Having studied the Law of Attraction for many years, and practiced several manifestation techniques, I have experienced instant manifestation repeatedly. Luckily for you, I’ve combined my knowledge and experience to devise a formula that will help you, not just experience, but master instant manifestation.

Everything is vibration

To really grasp how instant manifestation works, you have to understand that everything is made out of energy, therefore, vibration. As a result, everything manifests in a vibrational form first, before it can be translated into physical reality. As soon as you ask for something, Source answers, so that every single desire you’ve ever had is already manifested in your very own vibrational safe – a virtual space that holds the totality of your manifested desires.

It is no secret that the way you feel attracts to you people, experiences and opportunities that match that feeling. The key to unlocking your vibrational safe and letting all that you’ve ever desired manifest in physical form, is to vibrate at the frequency of your manifested desires. In other words, to feel how you’d feel had your desires been already manifested… Happy!

As a result, the password to your vibrational safe is a simple, yet powerful, 9-lettered word: Happiness!

Consistent Happiness = Instant Manifestation

The key to instant manifestation lies in the understanding that, it is your dominant emotional state which determines the speed and content of the attraction process, not your fleeting moment-to-moment emotions.

Dominant emotional state = The mean of your day’s moment-to-moment emotions

The operative word is dominant, for an emotion you practice consistently is much more powerful than your momentary emotions. Most significantly, the happiness level of your dominant emotional state determines the speed of the manifestation process, so that the happier you are, the faster you manifest your desires.

Instant physical manifestation occurs when you have raised your dominant emotional state to such a high and consistent level of happiness, that the door to your vibrational safe remains consistently open. When you achieve this, everything that you ever desired flows into your life instantly, but at the perfect timing.

That means, it manifests into your life, not out of vanity and neediness, but out of your genuine readiness for it – that’s when you really ask for it!

How to Practise Instant Manifestation Now!

Mastering instant manifestation requires time and focus. Your ability to manifest something instantly depends on the level and consistency of your happiness, as well as the choice and effectiveness of the manifestation processes you use at each happiness level.

From this perspective, practicing instant manifestation is like no other manifestation process – it requires a new way of life.

I’ve practised hundreds of manifestation techniques over the course of my spiritual path. Some of them worked well, others better, and other didn’t work at all. To simplify things for you, I’ve reverse-engineered my journey to practising instant manifestation and packaged it into a step-by-step formula to help you:

a) raise your overall level of happiness fast

b) leverage this happiness with the most powerful manifestation processes and guided meditations (and when to use them according to your happiness level), to open your vibrational safe and experience instant manifestation, instantly!

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