A 60-Minute Journey to Cleanse, Heal and Strengthen Your Energy Field

You’ve been an empath for as long as you can remember, with an acute ability to pick up on other people’s emotions. You often unknowingly take on other people’s problems, absorbing their pain and making it your own.

Consequently, you get overwhelmed easily, can’t socialize for too long, avoid hanging out in large groups of people, and need plenty of time to rest and recalibrate following social engagements.

You’ve often found yourself thinking…

“I feel suffocated when I chat with certain family members during holiday gatherings.”

“I sometimes simply stand next to a stranger in line at the store and feel inexplicably irritated afterward.”

“Whenever I have a chat with this one friend, I feel part of her energy stuck to mine.”

“I almost always feel depleted after visiting a hospital.”

You have a basic energy protection practice, but it’s not always effective in keeping you safe. You often sage to clear your aura and house, use crystals to keep your energy high, ask Archangel Michael to protect you, and shield yourself with white light when surrounded by negative people.

You’re ready to up-level your energy protection practice! You’re ready to go beyond basic, cookie-cutter energy protection processes and adopt a more intricate and personalized approach that safeguards you against external negativity, allowing you to live your life and follow your purpose confidently and fearlessly.

If this sounds like you, then I created Advanced Energy Clearing is for you!

Are You Energetically Attacked?

Energy attacks occur when your aura becomes cluttered with external energy attachments that you’ve absorbed from people and places, hindering the natural flow of energy through your body.

Common symptoms of an energy attack include feeling exhausted and fatigued, suffering from insomnia and nightmares, experiencing abrupt changes in mood and behavior, constantly feeling on edge, heightened sensitivity, fearing that others are targeting you, and enduring a series of ailments and unfortunate events.

There are six main types of energy attachments that can lead to energetic attacks:

  • Psychic Daggers: These are emanations of anger and jealousy directed towards you by others.
  • Low-Level Spirits: Entities that may become attached to your aura and drain your energy.
  • Collective Thought Patterns: Energetic clouds lingering over cities that can lower your vibration and dim your inner light.
  • Residual Spatial Energy: Energy you unwittingly absorb as you traverse various physical spaces.
  • Toxic Cords of Attachment: Attachments you’ve formed with people, places, beliefs, and past lives that drain your life force and manipulate your emotions.
  • Karmic Vows & Contracts: Agreements from past lives that persist today, acting as barriers to your progress.

Unless you consciously identify and cleanse these energies, you inadvertently grant external sources the power to influence your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Advanced Energy Clearing is a 60-minute psychic clearing workshop where I will guide you in identifying the energy attachments currently obstructing your aura. Through potent spiritual practices, we will cleanse and restore your energy field, empowering you to take control of your own energetic wellbeing.

Inside this transformational workshop, you’ll get to:

– 1 –

Identify Attachments Clogging Your Energetic Field

You’ll learn a process to activate your 360-degree psychic vision, scanning your body and aura to compile a comprehensive list of energetic attachments that are impeding your energy flow.

– 2 –

Cleanse Your Body and Aura with Potent Healing Practices

I will guide you through a journey that involves utilizing spiritual practices, elemental processes, and healing frequencies. These techniques will help you release all toxic energy attachments and reset your energy to its optimal state.

– 3 –

Strengthen Your Energy Field with Sacred Geometry and Healing Frequencies

We will utilize the ancient healing symbols of the Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius, alongside the Healy frequency device. This combination will help heal and strengthen your energy field, counteracting the harm caused by energy attachments.

– 4 –

Shield Your Energy with Personalized Energy Shields

There is a wide array of energy shields at your disposal to safeguard your energy as you move forward. I will introduce you to various types of energy shields and guide you through a practice to determine the ideal combination that suits you best.

– 5 –

Meet Your Energy Protection Spirit Guide

You possess a spirit guide dedicated to assisting you in shielding yourself from toxic energies and individuals. In a meditation, I will lead you to connect with your guide, receive your personalized protection symbol and learn how to collaborate with your guide throughout your journey.

By the end of this 60-minute workshop, you’d have cleansed your body and aura from all toxic energy attachments, healed and strengthened your energy field with powerful shields and frequencies, and learned powerful processes that you can use to protect your energy moving forward.

Sign up for just £19 ($22) now to learn advanced practices of cleansing, shielding, and strengthening your energy field!

“Thank you so much for the psychic clearing session with you this week, it was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe how quickly you accessed the information and identified the blocks and energy daggers. Gosh, there was some toxic stuff! It makes no wonder that I felt so ‘stuck’ in particular areas of my life. I loved how you identified which chakras were blocked so that these can be the focus for clearing.”

Jo Blake


“George really helped me clear the blocks that were affecting my ability to just be. The effect was immediate, after two days of headaches, emotional release and aches in my body, I felt better than I had in years. I also felt more grounded and more comfortable in my own body. I can’t thank George enough for his work and kindness.”

Katherine Shenton


You’ll walk away from this workshop feeling…

  • A deep sense of relief, as you will have released negative energy and toxic attachments to people and places that you may have been holding onto for years!
  • Safe and protected, as you will have strengthened your energy field with light and healing frequencies that shield you from energy attacks moving forward.
  • High-vibe and aligned. By releasing toxic energetic blocks and attachments, upgrading your energetic software, and raising your vibration, you will feel aligned with Source and your inner being.

Sign up for just £19 ($22) now to learn advanced practices of cleansing, shielding, and strengthening your energy field!

A Personal Invitation From George…

Your aura is constantly absorbing energy. This could be energy from other people, spaces (both physical and digital ones), and the energy of fears and limiting beliefs. 

Additional to the energy it absorbs daily, you already have toxic energetic attachments you created in past lives, conditioning you’ve inherited from your ancestors, or low level spirits that have managed to hack your energy field. 

Unless you consciously tune in to cleanse these external energy attachments, they’ll lower your vibration and prevent you from living the abundant and purposeful life you deserve to have. 

Although it’s important to cleanse your energy on a daily basis, it’s especially important to do a deeper energy cleanse at least twice a year.

Join me as I share with you the energy clearing and protection practice I do twice a year, to ensure my energy is cleansed, protected, and uplifted throughout the year.

I’m excited to see you there,

George x


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