Tell Your Own Fortune, Prediction Magazine, February 2013

Are you tired of fortune tellers creeping you out with gloomy predictions? Read this article to learn why all the gloom and doom they predict is absolute rubbish, learn exactly how your future is created, and how to create it.

Find Your Symbol, Prediction Magazine, March 2013

Read this article to learn how to manifest your dream career, perfect boyfriend, and a life that screams happiness in a fun and creative way. Get down and dirty to build an ‘altar of attraction’ that mirrors and actively works to create the life you deserve.

Gabrielle Bernstein’s ‘May Cause Miracles’, Prediction Magazine, June 2013

Experience with me Gabrielle Bernstein’s heart-opening ‘May Cause Miracles’ workshop, as I learn to release judgment towards others and myself. Read this article for a powerful Kundalini meditation that changed my life, and will change yours in just 3 minutes!



The Jake Sasseville Show

In this interview with my friend Jake Sasseville, we discuss the spiritual perspective behind the legalisation of gay marriage in America in the summer of 2015. My part starts at 25:50 minutes, and I talk about the legalisation of gay marriage being a manifestation of self-love.

An Evening With a Medium

In this two-hour radio show I am interviewed by internationally acclaimed medium Aaron Naughton on my work as a spiritual life coach. Delve into our conversation to learn about my struggles with embracing homosexuality, attracting your life’s desires, communicating with faeries and angels, and living a more authentic, loving, and empowering life.

Reality Spirituality

Listen to this fun and entertaining discussion with Happiness Expert Rebecca Norrington, as we rumble about the Law of Attraction and the most effective manifestation processes, as well as provide simple, practical processes to living a more happy and fulfilling life.

The Bully Proof Classroom

In this interview by Jim Burns, I share my manifesto to dealing with any form of bullying, whether it is physical or emotional. Through my own personal journey to confronting my bullies at school, as well as my own self-bullying, I share practical processes to help you be bully-free through a path of radical self-love.

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