A Course In Instant Manifestation


by George Lizos

A Course In Instant Manifestation is a home-study programme teaching you how to steadily and surely increase the speed by which you manifest your life's desires. 

It de-mystifies the Law of Attraction and provides you with the most effective manifestation practices, in a proven step-by-step formula, to help you manifest things faster.



Just like many people, I discovered the Law of Attraction through The Secret. Excited by the prospect of taking control of my life I practised hundreds of processes, and read every book on the subject that I could get my hands on.

Although I got some resuts, I wasn't manifesting stuff as fast and as easy as I'd read about in the books... 

"Ask and it is Given" - Abraham-Hicks said it best. I was supposed to be a master manifestor. I was supposed to be the creator of my world. I was supposed to desire something and then effortlessly manifest it in my life. 

That's when I became OBSESSED with mastering manifestation, and ventured on a 5-year spiritual exploration looking for answers.

What I discovered was profound:

I discovered that there is a correlation between the happiness and the speed of manifesting something. The happiest I were, the faster I was able to manifest something. 

Here's how that works:

  • Everything manifests in a vibrational form before it can be translated into physical reality.
  • As soon as you ask for something, Source gives it to you and stores it in your very own vibrational safe
  • To unlock that safe you need to to vibrate (feel) at the frequency of already having a desire in your possession (therefore, you'd feel the emotion of happiness!)
  • The happier you get the faster you're able to manifest something. 

But, here's the catch:

There are two keys to practising Instant Manifestation:

  • Having a proven strategy to increasing your happiness level
  • Knowing which manifestation processes to use (that actually work!)

It was only when I mastered these two keys that I was able to experience instant manifestation. And I mean this literally. I desired something. Boom! There it was in my life. (But, this of course this wasn't the norm as this level of instant manifestation just isn't possible 24/7). 

The actual norm was actually even better! 

My BIGGEST outcome was learning how to manifest things faster and easier, and knowing that it was up to me to keep increasing the manifestation speed. 

As a result, I went on to publish my book Be The Guru, launch three successful online courses, write for some of the leading spiritual publications such as Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit, and Prediction Magazines, and build an increasingly successful life coaching business. 

Luckily for you, you don't have to go through all the struggle and trial and error that I had to go through, because I would have given ANYTHING for someone to actually guide me through this process years ago. And say, "let's just skip through all the struggle, let's get you through something that works."

And so, I reverse-engineered my process and came up with A Course In Instant Manifestation, a self-study programme guiding you through the exact process that I went through to gradually increase my manifestation speed and practise Instant Manifestation


When you enroll to A Course In Instant Manifestation you will get the following:

  • The Instant Manifestation System Workbook which includes all five modules with guiding diagrams, fillable boxes and tables to take notes in and keep track of your journey. You can either print it off or complete it online. It is designed in a way that you can complete the entire course within it. No props needed! (worth $199)
  • Three powerful 20-30 minute meditation journeys to deepen your level of happiness and train your mind to increasing your manifestation speed. (worth $59)

The total value of A Course In Instant Manifestation is $258.


The programme is divided into four modules:

1. The Premise Behind Instant Manifestation

  • Learn the science behind the Law of Attraction & how it relates to Instant Manifestation
  • Test your current manifestation speed & identify your proximity to Instant Manifestation
  • Meditation to experience your Divine Self & taste the potential of unlimited happiness

2. Preparing for Instant Manifestation 

  • Practise my 5 most powerful processes to raise your level of happiness
  • Learn my secret formula for taking a desire from thought to reality in less than two weeks!
  • Meditation to discover deeper levels of happiness (and keep doing so.)

3. Practising Instant Manifestation

  • Choose a specific desire to manifest by the end of the module
  • Practise my 4 most effective manifestation processes towards manifesting your chosen desire
  • Meditation to manipulate physical matter with your mind and turn your desire from vibration to physical reality

4. Sustaining Instant Manifestation

  • Design your personalised manifestation practice to keep increasing your manifestation speed moving forward
  • Learn my 3-step plan to sustaining your level of happiness and not fall back into old limiting batterns
  • Test your manifestation speed again and celebrate how far you've come since the beginning of the programme!


Since the course is based on the premise of nurturing happiness, it delves deeper than most manifestation courses. Here are some of the additional benefits you should expect to experience:

  • Have a deep understanding and experience of your Divine Self

  • Be able to look at yourself in the mirror, say “I love you”, and mean it

  • De-programme limiting beliefs that you or others have imposed on you. 

  • Genuinely appreciate every negative experience you’ve been through. 

  • Learn to surrender expectation for results and trust the Universe to take over.



I'm sure you'll agree with me that the best testimonials are real, raw, success stories, so here I give you my favourite Instant Manifestation stories.


“I recommend George for anyone who wants to turn their home into a sacred place. We were blessed to have him come and give a house clearing (which felt more like a house blessing!) and are still feeling the results.”  

Rebecca Campbell - Bestselling author Light is the New Black, and Rise Sister Rise

“My living space was feeling heavy and stagnant, my husband and I weren’t sleeping well and the cat was crazy a LOT of the time. I purged the things I no longer needed, I smudged and filled it with crystals, yet it still felt dark every time I entered. George, through careful questioning, was able to get to the root cause of the darkness within ten minutes of us both talking – that’s how good this dude is.  

I’m struggling to find words to describe the magic that George creates in his space clearing sessions, but just know that it IS magic. Hours after the session, I returned to the house and the cat was asleep in the living room and didn’t even stir when we walked through the door, our sleep is much better and undisturbed and I actually love working from home now. George is not only a magician when it comes to space clearing, he should also add ‘calming cats’ to his job description too!”  

Lisa Lister, Bestselling author of Witch and Love Your Lady Landscape

“George is trail blazing the way for young male spiritual teachers. He is fresh, fun and fierce. I'm excited for everything he is going to gift the world with.”  

Sean Patrick, author of That Guy Who Loves the Universe

“George is an old, wise sage in a 21st century New Age format, with an unlimited amount of knowledge! Since I met him incredible things have happened. George was able to read the nuances of my situation without me having to go into much detail, and understood how to help me clarify and take actionable steps towards my life purpose – while being a great friend along the way. As a result of our sessions, I’m now focused towards my life purpose more than ever, and have found the courage to start my own coaching practice.”  

Priti Singer, London

“Without a shadow of a doubt, George is a healer! He came into my life when I was at a crossroads – unsure about my career path, love life, whether I should stay in London or move back to California – I was lost. Even over email, I could tell George was special. He was kind, thoughtful and just real. Through our online consolation and eventually our session, I was reborn. Never more clear of who I am, what I’m here to do and what’s right for me, I can honestly say I have George to thank for this renewed state of bliss and contentment. I highly recommend a session with him. You’ll never regret it – or be the same!”  

Britney Brix, California USA


“I feel very privileged to have worked with George before he becomes a spiritual superstar! He has huge knowledge and insight, is an extremely bright thinker and his teaching is all delivered with care, empathy and a feeling of deep support. I highly recommend working with George, I’ve grown and learned a lot about myself and now have my own spiritual toolkit to use to move forward with my life purpose.”  

Helen Winter, Interior Designer, UK


“Before working with George I lacked confidence to accept myself fully. As a result, my whole life I felt like the odd one out, held back by my own limiting beliefs and frustrations. George helped me realize that it’s OK to feel this way, and taught me practical processes to turn these limitations into opportunities. He is the most honest spiritual teacher I know, which makes it very easy for anyone to relate with.”  

Monika Goyal, Healer & Spiritual Councelor, USA


How is this course different from other Law of Attraction courses?

A Course In Instant Manifestation is nothing like the majority of manifestation courses out there. Whereas most manifestation courses teach you how to manifest with the power of your thoughts, ACIIM teaches you how to manifest with the power of your emotions (which is how manifestation really works!) This course goes beyond faking it till you make it and repeating a set of affirmations over and over again, into understanding the science behind the Law of Attraction and how we can work with it to manifest our desires faster and easier. 

The course helps you build a soulful manifestation practise that increases the speed of your manifestation speed steadily and surely, so that you can practise instant manifestation consistently. 

How will the guided meditations help me?

These meditations are not your usual kind of meditations. They are deep meditation journeys 20 - 30 minutes long, designed carefully to raise your vibrational frequency (happiness level) and tune your mind into the state it needs to be to experience instant manifestation. I received substantial training for creating and guiding meditations in my bachelors and masters degrees in Metaphysical Sciences. The meditation music, tone of voice, intonation, rhythm, and meditation structure, were all put together mindfully to help you master instant manifestation.

Additionally, the course comes with a workbook providing further information, guidance, spiritual practices, and thought-provoking theory, that’ll help you deepen your experience of the meditations.

What is your refund policy?

I have a 100% money-back guarantee policy for all my products and services. I stand by what I teach and create, and give it my all. I work hard to create products and services that people will benefit from, and I take the time to care for my clients and provide guidance they can rely on. 

Yet, I understand that every person has a different way of learning and understanding, therefore, my processes and teaching-style may not be for everyone. For this reason, if you're not satisfied with A Course In Instant Manifestation after completing the meditations and the processes, I will refund you the full amount of the course within 14 days.

Do you have more questions?

Email me at georgelizos@outlook.com and I'd be happy to answer them directly.

George Lizos is a spiritual life coach and the author of Be The Guru. His work combines a variety of spiritual modalities empowering people to become their own spiritual teachers. 

George holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Metaphysical Sciences. He is accredited by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Intuitive, Realm Reader, Fairyologist and Assertiveness Coach, by Denise Linn as an Elemental Space Clearer, he’s Certified Reiki Master, and an ordained priest to Hellenic Polytheism.

George's work has been featured in popular spiritual publications including Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit, Chat It's Fate, and Prediction magazines, The Numinous, and Yasmin Boland's Moonology.com.


£97 ($134) 

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