Unicorn Magic Meditations


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Unicorns are the spirits of our souls, holding the knowledge to finding our life purpose and the steps we need to take to fulfill it. They work with empaths, lightworkers, and spiritual seekers, helping them align to their souls, awaken their intuition, and receive divine guidance to manifest their dreams and desires.

Whether you’re aware of your life purpose or not, in these meditations, you will work with your unicorn guide to define your life purpose in specific terms, balance your masculine and feminine energies, and receive guidance on the steps you need to take to fulfill your purpose.

Specifically, you will get to:

  • Meet your unicorn spirit guide and discover your life purpose
  • Awaken masculine energy: Taking action without exhausting yourself
  • Awaken feminine energy: Surrendering without procrastinating
  • Balance masculine and feminine energy: Finding balance between taking action and surrendering
  • Embody your authentic self and receive guidance to fulfilling your life purpose
  • Release limiting beliefs that prevent you from fulfilling your life purpose

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