Raise Your Vibration Bundle


Approximately: $0


Available until Sunday, September 11th midnight UK time, this 60-minute audio bundle includes three powerful meditations that are guaranteed to raise your vibration (and teach you how to keep raising it)

You will receive:

  1. Falling Deeper Into Happiness: A 20-minute meditation to help you embody the emotion of happiness and teach you how to keep amplifying it.
  2. Meet Your Unicorn Guide: In this 20-minute meditation, you will meet your unicorn guide and go on a journey to discovering your life purpose. You’ll work with the Rainbow Ray to clear your energy of all that keeps your stuck and fully align to your inner self.
  3. Awaken Masculine Energy: In this 20-minute meditation, you will work with your unicorn guide to release blocks that prevent your energy from rising. You’ll then awaken your masculine energy so you can leverage your connection to moving forward on your life purpose.

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