Life Purpose Intensive


Approximately: $39



Life Purpose Intensive is a pre-recorded 90-minute workshop to finding and defining your life purpose in 1-2 paragraphs. I’ll guide you through my proven, signature process and meditation to getting clarity on your life purpose.

Specifically, in this workshop you will…. 

  • Define Your Life Purpose in One or Two Paragraphs.
  • Go on a Future-Life Progression with Your Unicorn Guide, to Experience Yourself Fulfilling Your Purpose
  • Receive the Action-Steps You Need to Take NOW to Start Following Your Purpose
  • Learn a Practical Process to Leave Your Full-Time Job and Go Self-Employed With Your Purpose
  • Discover The One Step You Need to Take to Ensure You Fulfil Your Purpose

All the time you’ve spent feeling lost, overwhelmed and frustrated, aimlessly wondering what your purpose could be, will finally be over.

You’ll finally let out a sigh of relief and smile to yourself in the mirror, declaring with confidence to you and the world that:

“I now know exactly what my purpose is, and I know what I need to do to follow and fulfil it!” 

This is the promise of Life Purpose Intensive.

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